We knew AUKEY was able to make great products for less, but what happened to these headphones surprised me. Let’s put ourselves in context: we are talking about wireless headphones with 25 hours of battery life, great sound for listening to music or podcasts and for only 25 euros. I repeat, 25 euros. They have touchpad controls, they allow us to pause music with one touch and the microphone quality is more than enough to keep a call comfortably. Let’s see everything in detail.

Simple, quality and elegant design


The design of these EP-T25 earphones is divided between the earphone itself and the charging box, let’s start with the second one. The charging case, similar to AirPods, is where we store our headphones when not in use and to recharge their battery. It has a rounded rectangular shape which is comfortable to hold in the hand and carry in your pocket. At the back it has a USB-C port to charge your battery, while on the front, four LED indicators show the amount of battery in the case in 25% increments.

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When we open the cover, we find the helmet resting magnetically in the case, so that they stay in place even if we shake the open case upside down. Inside we also find an indicator of the charge of the headphones. If it lights up in color, red the headset is charging, if it lights up in blue, charging is complete.


Let’s move on to the headset itself. It is an in-ear headphone with a rubber pad that AUKEY offers us in three different sizes. At the end of each of the earphone legs is the microphone. Its shape is anatomical and sits comfortably on the ear. The headphones are IPX5 certified, making them resistant to sweat and light rain.

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Simple connection and touch controls


Connecting and using the headset is, within the limits permitted by a Bluetooth device, easy and intuitive. Once we open the box for the first time with the headphones stored in it, we enter link mode. At this time we can use the menu Bluetooth on our iPhone, iPad or Mac to connect the headphones. Once logged in, every time we open the box, they will automatically connect to the device, and every time we store them and close the lid, they disconnect.

The headphones use Bluetooth 5 to work, so they give us good battery performance as well as playback quality and connection speed. Battery provides up to five hours of playback per charge, and the charging case can charge both earbuds up to five times, so we can have a total usage time of up to 25 hours, which I was able to verify experimentally.

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Each of the headphones has a touchpad so we can control playback or call Siri by keys.

  • By tapping on one of the headphones, we pause or resume playing.
  • With two keys we can move on to the next song, if we give them to the right earphone, or to the previous one, if we give them to the left.
  • With two taps when we hear the dial tone we will answer, and with two more taps during the call we will end it.
  • With three taps, we call Siri.

I have to say the sensitivity is such that a single press is enough to activate the control, to the point that, at least in the first few hours of use, it interrupted playback when you try to put on the headphones. Once accustomed to the sensitivity, it is appreciated, because you don’t have to be too arrogant for the control to take effect.

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We can find many models of wireless headphones in the market, but the performance, sound quality, battery life, design and functionality of the AUKEY EP-T25 are way above theirs. price range. Without a doubt a good product and a competitive price: the specialty of AUKEY.

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