Cosplayer, singer, model, influencer. If you’ve played Final Fantasy or World of Warcraft, you might know her for her two other Guinness World Records.

Kinumi Cati with two Guinness World Records

According to the portal, the Spanish singer and model Hecaterina Kinumi Iglesias broke not one, but two Guinness records. She spent 30 hours playing League of Legends, setting the record for playing LoL and MOBA games nonstop.

Her game could be watched in the Dutch town of Delft, at the Shanghai Hotel, where she set a record alongside two eyewitnesses until a “sudden technical break in the game” stopped her.

She announced her intentions on July 14, 2019 via Instagram, where she wrote that “next week” she will decide to break her fifth and sixth Guinness record. On July 21, she published information in which she officially admitted that she won both, thanks to which she can boast a total of six records on her account.

We don’t yet know exactly when she finished her 30-hour marathon, but she was most likely surprised by one of the sudden hotfixes for patch 9.14 (or the patch itself), considered one of the most buggy in years.

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Happy to have broken 2 new Guinness World Records (^○^) ” Longest videogame marathon on @leagueoflegends ” and “Longest videogame marathon on a MOBA game” Sad that RIOT decided to do maintenance during my record so it had to finish earlier than planned , but the previous marks were broken and it was really fun!!!! That makes a total of 6 Guinness World Records broken playing videogames! Hoping to get news from @guinnessworldrecords really soon ♡ Working on a 7th one!!! #LeagueofLegends #guinnessworldrecord #videogames #gamergirl

A post shared by Kinumi Cati (@kinumicati) Jul 21, 2019 at 1:59am PDT

Kinumi Cati

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After years in Spain, Hecaterina Kinumi Eglise’s name was changed from “Eglise” to “Iglesias”. In the past, she lived in Spain and the United States. She has been living in the Netherlands for years. Her life has certainly been full of different cultures: her father is of French-Italian descent and her mother is British.

She is quite short – she is 155 cm tall. However, this does not prevent her from pursuing an Instagram model, cosplayer, gamer and music career. Its producer is a man associated with Warner Music Group nicknamed Costas.

In addition, the woman is a fan of Marvel, her top 2 favorite characters are Deadpool and Venom.

This year, he intends to release two singles with Costas. He informs about all plans on his website.

Guinness World Records broken by Kinumi Cati

Kinumi has set six records.

  • The longest JRPG game marathon – Final Fantasy X – 38 hours 6 minutes.
    • Thus, the longest time playing Final Fantasy without a break.
  • The longest MMORPG game marathon – World of Warcraft – 29 hours 31 minutes.
    • Thus, the longest time playing WoW without a break.
  • Longest MOBA game marathon – League of Legends – 30 hours ? minutes.
    • Thus, the longest time playing LoL without a break.

Since their establishment, the records for Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft have been surpassed by others.

He also mentions one more of his achievements on his website:

  • Highest Angry Birds tier 1 score – 36,000, 9th in the world in the mixed category and 1st in the women’s category.

Record playing times in League of Legends

At How2Play, we have informed you many times about record playing times in League of Legends. Some of them ended tragically.

In 2015, we told you how 24-year-old Wu Tai died after a 19-hour marathon of playing LoL. While in the champ select screen, at one point the man started choking on blood. He died before receiving medical attention.

Earlier this year, you may have read about Chen Rong-Yu’s 23 hours of League of Legends. He was hoping to get a lot of IP/IP (former in-game currency, second only to paid Riot Points, now replaced by Blue Essence and Orange Essence). The Taiwanese server organized an event where it was possible to get 400% IP for the game. According to the doctors, he died of an embolism caused by the lack of movement for many hours.

On we can read that the longest game marathon lasted 138 hours 34 seconds. The record was set by Carrie Swidecki from the USA in 2015. A woman spent the equivalent of almost six days playing Just Dance 2015, from June 11 to June 17, 2015. This is no small feat considering it is a motion game.

Esports has its own impressive results and records. The longest game lasted 94 minutes, it was Jin Air Green Wings vs. SKT T1 in January 2018. In the same Teddy game, ADC Jin Air Green Wings achieved a record 1465 CS.

How is the Guinness World Record broken?

For each hour of play, participants are entitled to about 10 minutes of break, which they can use to meet their basic physiological needs, warm up, and even take short naps. In order to enter the Guinness Book of Records, you must register through a special form at, and then wait for approval. The setting of a new record must be accompanied by eyewitnesses who ensure that it is played as fair and correct as possible.

Therefore, although information about death due to body failure during cosmically long marathons of the game is not so rare, they cannot be entered into the Book of Records due to the lack of witnesses watching over the correctness of setting the record.