Live, behind his new standing desk, the ergonomically sound Wait! Tonight includes the imposing Fallout: New Vegas mod The Frontier, a soothing docu about the art of Final Fantasy, a new update for Boneworks and more. Good morning!

Final Fantasy’s Art Director Isamu Kamikokuryo on the creative process and places that inspired him

Fortunately, there is still plenty to do in Gameland the day after Christmas. Tonight we start with a delicious video / mini documentary about a very interesting game maker named Isamu Kamikokuryo, perfect for waking up (/ taking a deep breath) while enjoying a cup of coffee. Kamikokuryo is an Art Director, a true industry veteran, who joined the team behind Final Fantasy X in 2001, and has since been co-responsible for many Final Fantasy games. He was Art Director for Final Fantasy XIII and FF XV, and most recently for Nintendo Switch game Paper Mario: The Origami King.

In the video below, he mainly focuses on what it’s like to produce and manage the art of Final Fantasy games. It is a special video, which goes quite deeply into Kamikokuryo’s philosophy and also discusses his sources of inspiration. A must-watch for anyone interested in concept art and game world design, and especially interesting for Final Fantasy super fans. Chapeau for Archipel Caravan, the maker of this documentary and also the YouTube channel where you can watch these kinds of mini-docs about Japanese games every week.

New Vegas fan mod Fallout: The Frontier release date and cars in new trailer

Bethesda fans are often bloody fanatics, and some of them love to mod. That is no different with Fallout: New Vegas, and if you keep an eye on the mods of this game then you are most likely eagerly looking forward to The Frontier. That mod has been in development for quite some years (de Wacht wrote about it in 2016, for example), but it seems more than worth the wait – it contains cars. Yep, cars in a Fallout game, that’s the first time! Those trigger-happy cars are central to the new trailer of Fallout: The Frontier, which is now also linked to a new release date. And that’s faster than you might think: January 15, 2021. Yes, it should actually be released this month, but due to health problems with the devs, among other things, it takes a little longer.

De Wacht is impressed by the cars that the mod seems to add, because in the trailer they seem to be very nice to drive and to tear damn smoothly over the broken roads of the Wasteland. But that’s not all that the mod adds, certainly not. Namely, it adds a hefty map, one the size of the DC wasteland and features a completely snowy and decorated Portland. Including existing places and milestones. In addition, over 150 new weapons, new enemies, over 24,000 lines of voice acting and three major quest lines following the NCR, Legion and Crusaders of Steel. To play the mod you must own Fallout: New Vegas and all DLC.

Square Enix is ​​teasing announcements for Final Fantasy XVI, XIV and more in 2021

A piece of news full of just-not-announcements announcements, hooray! In an interview with Famitsu, various developers from Square Enix lift a tip of the veil regarding their plans for 2021. Interesting about this is a remark from the producer / director of Final Fantasy XIV and XVI, Naoki Yoshida: he expects 2021 to be becomes busiest year of his career and teases some announcements for both games. Not something to get very excited about, but it should be clear that behind the scenes, both games are being worked on. We are also working on another game that many of you are probably looking forward to, the second part of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Producer Yoshinori Kitase explains in the interview that they are working on it, but that it is still too early to reveal details and make announcements – just hang on, so.

A producer of Bravely Default II, Tomoya Asano, says that he hopes the game will be successful and that he can then continue with the development of a third part. A producer for the Dragon Quest franchise, Noriyoshi Fujimoto, said they have some plans for the franchise’s 35th anniversary in 2021, so you can put that on your radar too.

My Time at Portia today for free through Epic Games Store

On Boxing Day, you could grab Darkest Dungeon for free via the Epic Games Store; weird choice maybe, such a lugubrious death feast on this holiday. Especially if it is followed by a much more fun title, which you can download for free today (and put it in your library): My Time at Portia. This game is often compared to Stardew Valley, but in 3D and a bit less compact – it is in any case about gathering resources, crafting and building things for the villagers, expanding your workshop and maintaining / improving social contacts. That mix also includes a few more enemies that you can fight with, but My Time at Portia is mainly about family-friendly (building / farm) fun.

Today seems like a good time to give this game a chance. Not just because it’s free, a sequel surfaced on Kickstarter two months ago. My Time at Sandrock is the name, and that title should go into Early Access in March of 2021, although it will probably take a few months longer before it is completely released. The console version is planned for 2022. If you really don’t want to use the Epic Games Store, but are interested in My Time at Portia; then you can now also buy it on Steam with a 66% discount.

Prepare for a new year by starting a new life in the enchanting town of Portia!

My Time at Portia is free to claim until December 27 (11:00 AM Eastern) and yours to keep forever.

– Epic Games Store (@EpicGames) December 26, 2020

Check out the possibly interesting and in any case beautiful game from one John Lin

De Wacht had never heard of John Lin, but after seeing the images below, he is curious about more of his work. Lin is a programmer, and among other things, he’s playing around with voxels – according to Wikipedia (yes, good source) the 3D equivalent of a pixel – in an as-yet-unnamed project. He will probably be mainly concerned with the technology behind the game, but if you watch the video below, you see a damn unique aesthetic. Lin gives it the hashtag #ProceduralArt, so maybe this isn’t something he wants to include in his project (or game?), But if you look at the video he uploaded a week earlier, it still seems a pretty interesting one (Minecraft -like) game.

New 2D fighting game from ArcSys, Neople and Eighting: DNF Duel

With titles like Dragon Ball FighterZ, Guilty Gear Strive and Granblue Fantasy: Versus, it looks like dev / publisher Arc System Works will have its hands full in 2021, but there will just be a game. Dungeon Fighter Duel (DNF Duel) is the name, a new spin-off in the world of Dungeon Fighter Online that trades typical beat ’em up gameplay for a more traditional 2D fighter. The characters do come from the MMO, or at least are based on the classes and Advancements that you find there. It appears that Ryosuke Kodani is at the helm of the 2D fighter, having previously worked on Dragon Ball FighterZ and River City Girls. Don’t know Dungeon Fighter Online? That’s not surprising, but the multiplayer game is pretty damn popular; Released in 2005, it has since attracted over 700 million players and grossed over $ 15 billion. Not surprising that there will be a spin-off, so.

New fighting game from ArcSys, Neople and Eighting

“DNF Duel”
(Dungeon & Fighter Duel)

– HiFight (ハ イ フ ァ イ ト) (@HiFightTH) December 26, 2020

Xbox One release Gal Gun Returns canceled

Sad news for the attic dwellers among us: developer Inti Creates announces that the Xbox One version of Gal Gun Returns has been canceled after a disagreement with Microsoft. The uhh, slightly sexual game was already completely finished, but according to the developer they could not maintain the “consistency of experience” between all platforms. Clear… Gal Gun Returns is a remaster of a rail-shooter from 2011 in which the player takes on the role of a male student. This student has some ‘Pheromone arrows’ in his arsenal, with which he naturally goes in search of the schoolgirl of his dreams (and has to avert hordes of other girls with well-aimed ‘ecstacy shots’…). Don’t panic, the Steam and Nintendo Switch versions of the remaster are still scheduled for a Western release on February 12th.

Announcement: The Xbox One release of “Gal * Gun Returns” has been canceled. We sincerely apologize to fans who were anticipating its release. You can find more details on the game’s homepage. The Nintendo Switch and Steam versions will release as planned. # ぎ ゃ る が ん # / T9xBEZzxyC

– ぎ ゃ る が ん official (@galgun_official) December 25, 2020

Boneworks 1.6 in action in new video, released December 29

VR enthusiasts are undoubtedly familiar with Boneworks, and on December 29th they can go wild in a new patch. Boneworks 1.6 will then be released, and the simulator will return to the famous Hover Junkers, with of course a brand new sandbox to play in.

Meat Boy added to indie fighter Indie Pogo, Switch version announced

Baldur’s Gate 3 developer comes with a cringe-filled Christmas greeting

Larian Studios likes a bit of humor. Larian Studios also likes a little cringe. Logically, they therefore come up with a unique Christmas greeting, wishing everyone a tadpole. You know, such a nice slippery thing that can enter characters’ eyes in Baldur’s Gate 3. This way you can flush the last Christmas vibes out of your system, as it is already December 27th. Time for oliebollen. The Guard can also appreciate the humor of this dev (even if it hurts him a bit to watch the Christmas video below), and even more so the games they produce. Bring on that official release of Baldur’s Gate 3!