The /remake option is coming!.

Riot officially confirms the introduction of the remake option! It informs us when such a possibility will be introduced and what it will consist of!

Sometimes it’s very satisfying to actually crush an opponent, but League of Legends should be a game that makes you feel good both losing and winning. It is with this in mind that we are introducing the /remake option, which will be available when a game starts in a 4v5 matchup. Here’s how everything will work:

The /remake option is coming!

The /remake option is coming!

  • If any player gets a DC or is marked as AFK for at least 90 seconds in the first 3 minutes of the game and doesn’t happen in that First Blood game, then all players on the team with something wrong get a notification that they can do a remake in chat
  • All players on the affected team will have one minute to vote
  • During voting, two of the four team members must agree for the remake option to go ahead
  • All players in the game will be treated as if the game never happened. They won’t gain LP/IP/XP or lose it. Also, the game will not count as won or lost
  • The player who was DC/AFK will receive a full LP loss and will be dropped from promotional games. His account will also be marked with Leaver Buster
  • In Diamond V and above games, the player playing premade with the person who was DC/AFK will also be penalized

The remake option will be tested on the NA server in patch 6.11 (in 2 weeks) and will be rolled out to all servers shortly after


When can I use /remake?
Only after notification. This will occur once per game, after three minutes of play that is eligible for the command.

The /remake option is coming!

My team has started voting on /remake. I stopped playing to vote and I died. What will happen?
Once the voting starts, the game will end regardless of the kills. So it will be ok!

Okay, what exactly happens when /remake is successful?
The game ends. All players return to the lobby from the end of the game, and the disconnected player gets a Leaver Buster and a loss. Everyone else suffers no consequences, as if the game never happened, and can return to the queue at any time.

The /remake option is coming!

Are 4v5s really that common?
They’re not, but when they do, they’re terrible. Even if they are not as terrible as in the past, we found that it is a pain worth finding a solution for.

What happens if a player kicks after three minutes of play?
After three minutes, the game will be recognized and /remake will no longer work. This protects the integrity of single play, ranked, and W/L ratios.

The /remake option is coming!

I read the whole article and I know it talks about “first blood”. Do executions also prevent /remake?
No – only killing a player will prevent it.

Do the extra rules for Diamond and Premade players apply to normal games or only ranked?
Only in ranked games. If you are a Diamond in premade with a player who disconnected on normal, you can vote for /remake without any consequences.

I’m Platinum, premade with a Diamond that disconnected. If I vote for /remake, will I lose LP?
No, only Diamond players lose LP after premade games after /remake.

The /remake option is coming!

I’m from Diamond, premade with Platinum that disconnected. If I vote for /remake, will I lose LP?
Yes. Diamond players in premade with a disconnected player will lose LP. Diamond players who are NOT premade with it lose nothing.

If I’m disconnected or have Diamond restrictions, will I lose a lot of LP or just a little?
Imagine a game you lost with your team. That’s exactly how much LP you’ll lose.

Why is /remake being tested on NA?
With the new system, we would prefer to run a live test in the same time zone and language as the team responsible for it. Duration and location is team decision, not Riot policy. Fortunately, our goal is to get /remake to all servers sooner rather than later.

The /remake option is coming!