Since its inception, Gran Turismo has always pushed every new console to the limits. With the reveal of Gran Turismo 7 at Sony’s recent PlayStation 5 event, we have an exclusive that seems in line with the franchise’s reputation: The trailer shows 4K and 60fps being active, accompanied by heavily radiated reflections. And in addition to the technical ambitions, the trailer shows Trial Mountain, a classic circuit chosen specifically to demonstrate technological change. After being guilty absent in Gran Turismo Sport, Trial Mountain returns after its last appearance in Gran Turismo 6 on PS3, but its origins can be traced back to the very first Gran Turismo, released in 1997 for the first PlayStation. Each numbered chapter of the series included this circuit, so it is a good counter to measure the technological evolution of the Gran Turismo series, and today allows us to assess how far the team has advanced with the number seven. of the saga.

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A lot was shown in the trailer, but the curious thing is that Poliphony Digital chose a track not available in GT Sport, thus cutting the comparison between PS4 and PS5. There is however an overlap in the chosen car: the Mazda RX Vision GT3 is the one chosen by Kazunori Yamauchi, and is available in GT Sport. In theory, most cars can be transferred the same way, just by importing GT Sport car models as is. Many interior materials, seats, padded steering wheels, LEDs, and even mirrors are actually the same between the two games. But the GT 7 rendering has an advantage: the native 3840 × 2160 resolution of the images is a big leap from the 1800p checkerboard of the PS4 Pro.

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The jump is obvious, and ray tracing also makes another difference. A look at the car in the garage reveals a great deal of attention to the reflections made with ray tracing, a step up from the ray tracing used simply for shadows. Chrome materials and blackout windows reflect the surroundings with a precision we’ve never seen on consoles before. Each vehicle reflects its own details as we walk around its finished chassis. And this is the crucial point. It is necessary to specify that all of these reflected elements work at a lower resolution in the trailer, equal to around 1080p. This ends up making parts of the screen look aliased in a higher overall resolution image, with artifacts quite similar to those caused by the checkerboard. But even so, there’s a big difference for the better than reflections from GT Sports’ screen space, where artifacts could interfere with effects by hiding reflective materials. This is just one example of how the PS5 can use ray tracing while still maintaining 4K at 60fps, and the result is truly amazing.

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In regards to the path in which the iconic Trial Mountain circuit has evolved from chapter to chapter, in the video above you will find an excellent comparison; The return of the circuit is important for several reasons, but mainly because it is a complete remake of a mainstay of the series. It is a track that has always improved thanks to the work of Polyphony which has developed to the best of its ability to take advantage of the new generation of PlayStation hardware each time. But we wonder more than how representative this trailer is of the final experience. After all, Polyphony Digital tends to use years in the development of its titles and often completely transform compared to the first revelation of the same. And there are signs, besides what’s seen in this trailer, that the team is experimenting with other ways to exploit the new material.

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The study previously showed 8K, 120fps play of an upgraded version of GT Sport at the InterBee 2018 event. The Gran Turismo 7 trailer spins at 60fps without missing a beat, but doubling the refresh rate to 120fps appears to be working. higher priority for polyphony, rather than increasing resolution. Whichever route the developer intends to take, the trailer itself is a big show. It would definitely be great to have high resolution and performance modes in the final product.

Plus, with the arrival of new hardware comes a slew of new expectations: There’s a real wishlist among the Gran Turismo fan base. What we’ve seen so far looks more like an evolution of GT Sport, but with the 10.28 TF computing power of the PS5, people want to see features never before implemented. Fully dynamic weather in action on the track, modeled on Project Cars, would top the list with a realistic damage model. We’re excited for the return of Gran Turismo’s classic career mode, but better handling, more advanced AI, and car-tracking cameras are also in high demand.

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The trailer presented on PS5 always succeeds in its intention. The series has never looked better, and Trial Mountain is using its fame to show progress in the transition to 4K, new materials, and an implementation of ray tracing. The biggest question remains when the game will be released. Polyphony tends to develop its games for three or four years (except for GT5 which required six years of fan wait), so based on the launch of GT Sport in 2017, maybe we’ll see GT7 the next year. There is no doubt that we will be watching the development of the game closely between now and its release.

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Source : Reddit