Technology and health have been a solid duo for several years. Therefore, it is increasingly common find iPhone apps tailored to our needs, one of them, having the ideal weight according to our body.

And whether it is about losing or gaining weight, the calorie count is decisive for the objective set, therefore there are applications designed to maintain the control of our caloric intake, be more aware of the quality and quantity of the food we choose and consequently healthier.

5 Apps to count calories and lose weight

But of all the possible alternatives today we present 5 applications for calorie counting and to the registration of other interesting data to get in shape.


It is an application designed by doctors that allows you to record and recommend habits for a healthy lifestyle. In this sense, it provides a calorie counter, step counter, options to determine blood pressure, glucose level and training options to achieve an exercise routine in accordance with the goals set.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret

It is an application in which you are literally not alone. Calorie Counter was designed so that users record your progress of body change and share with other users through photos and testimonials, as a way to be inspired and advised.

Among the available options of this application is the possibility of scanning the barcode of the products to provide accurate information on their caloric content and other nutritional information.


This app focuses on calorie count in macronutrients. It has a system that generates meal plan recommendations according to the body profile of each user, registered through a questionnaire. The diets also respond to specific tastes, which is why there are options for vegetarians and vegans.

Unlike other tools of this style, Lifesum has a dark mode for fans of using apps in this format.


For the last 4 years it has been the number one app in the fitness category. Its functions include the possibility of tracking nutrients in each meal, scanning their products, registering elements of a restaurant menu, importing their recipes, tracking training routines, creating their own goals and sharing activities within their large community. .


The above may be the most awarded application, but many consider Fooducate more complete. The ability to track meals, sleep hours, physical activity, glucose levels or the fact of counting calories in recipes of each user, enhance its popularity.

Something really cool about this app is that you can scan barcodes of different products and rank them based on their nutritional value, from A to D, making suggestions for healthier meals based on the results.

Knowing that each of these apps is more than an accountant, I invite you to bet on one and make it your ally in the process of having the ideal body according to your goals. Do you accept the offer?

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