The Settlers History Collection is a somewhat lazy collection of all the games in the series.

Has a package containing all of the settler’s parts stood the test of time? Or is it better to keep the cup? You read it as Yvo Settlers History Collection review.

The Settlers have been around for almost 25 years, but the last part dates back to 2010. In the fall of 2019, Ubisoft breathed new life into the series. Until then, you can start with the Story Collection, which includes all seven games and expansions. The end result is a somewhat easy compilation that’s only worth the price for avid collectors.

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Developer Blue Byte hasn’t spent too much time streamlining the games. It’s painfully obvious when you start the first part of the series. The menu and user interface are desperately dated from 2018. It’s quite a challenge to decipher letters and icons from pinched-eyed pixels. The laxity of creating a user-friendly interface for today’s PC at least in the older parts is therefore disappointing.

Since The Settlers 2, the games have gradually become more playable. This is due not only to the evolution of the graphics of the series, but also to the support of the high resolutions of the Historical Collection. Goodbye, vertical black bars! This is a welcome addition, especially for a city builder or RTS where keeping the big picture is essential.

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In terms of gameplay, there are no changes in The Settlers History Collection. A lumberjack always eagerly puts his ax in the trees that surround his hut. In a sawmill, the logs are then transformed into boards. These are needed for the construction of new buildings, such as mines. With coal and iron you make weapons for your soldiers, but remember that hard-working miners need to be fed. However, you won’t get there with just fishing and hunting, so a farm is needed to grow grain. To bake bread in a windmill, you also need fresh water. And it goes on for a while.

The description above shows how all of your settlers and buildings are intertwined – a quality that has graced the series since time immemorial. At the heart of every settler game is building a colony, expanding your borders, and removing competitive states. These are the basic ingredients of an RTS, but the series relies much more on building an infrastructure than building an army. The timeless charm lies mainly in the activity of the cute colonists that swarm across your screen like a colony of ants.

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Although the basics are the same in every Settlers game, there are subtle differences between the different parts. The Settlers 3 and The Settlers 4 are the highlight of the series. These games build on the solid foundations of the first two parts, with the balance between basic building and combat being optimal. You’re not against pixels and want to experience The Settlers at its peak? Then better to play these games.

The series loses some of its luster in parts five and six. The Legacy of Kings sacrifices the atmosphere, while the focus on story and heroes in Rise of an Empire adds no added value. In The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom, the series recovers. With the addition of victory points, you can win for the first time in different ways, so that a cool breeze blows through the streak. The last part is the best in terms of content and accessibility for today’s laid-back / RTS city builder.

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With The Settlers History Collection, Ubisoft is trying to warm you up for Part Eight, but hasn’t quite succeeded. The bundle does not provide enough to justify the current price. In the audiovisual area, no adjustments have been made outside of support for Windows 10 and higher resolutions. The compilation is therefore entirely based on the gameplay of the series. While basically good enough to great, it’s best to start with a sale or wait until the last part of the series.

For this The Settlers History Collection review, Yvo played the PC version.

Source: IGN

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