A little less than two months after the release of the latest content for The Sims 4, the game pack Journey to Batuu, which led us to a scenario based on the Star Wars universe, Maxis offers a new DLC that will expand the experiences that our Sims will be able to live and explore.

The famous life simulation franchise is in fact ready to surprise us with a new expansion pack, Snowy Oasis, which will lead us to explore a new destination freely inspired by Japanese culture. On the occasion of the official presentation we were able to get our hands on the alpha version and discover its secrets thanks to the presence of Graham Nardone, Lead Producer of The Sims 4.

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The new expansion will take us to a whole new scenario, Mount Komorebi, a place where you can stay by renting a room or buying a lot exactly like the world of Sulani, introduced with the Life on the Island expansion. This time, however, there are no golden beaches and crystal clear water waiting for us but green settings and snow-capped peaks in an oriental style, strongly recalling the Japanese and Korean biome and tradition.

Despite the presence of different temperatures in the various districts of the scenario, it is good to specify right away that Oasi Snowevata does not require the purchase or possession of the Seasons DLC, as snow will be constantly present at the top and atmospheric events are purely random during the various activities. As for the districts at the bottom of the valley, it is presumed that the weather conditions may vary according to the season but we postpone this evaluation in the review.

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On the summit of Mount Komorebi you have the opportunity to perform many activities such as mastering a descent on skis and snowboard, or having fun with the sled. There are in fact 3 tracks, for beginners, intermediate and for experts, in which our Sims can test themselves to show their skills. Obviously training increases the corresponding skill and wanting to attempt a reckless descent with a low level will cost you some nice bruises and a sad mood.

Climbing is also added to the activities on the snowy peak, which requires the purchase of the appropriate equipment and in this case, more attention if you intend to undertake a steep climb on the icy walls. Unlike skis, a careless adventure if you don’t have the right skill level will cost our poor Sim’s life.

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Thanks to the new construction and furniture elements we will be able to build our refuge in full Japanese style.

As for climbing, there is a dedicated activity, accessible via smartphone by planning a social event, or attempting to climb to the summit. This excursion is very risky and requires the right preparation both in terms of skills and provisions and camping tent. Before embarking on this adventure, it is advisable to consult the notice board located on the slopes to find out about the weather conditions, which could prove too adverse and lead to the failure of the mission.

As with all social events we will have to complete the objectives in the upper left, and to continue to the next segment we will have to earn at least the silver medal. The main goal remains to reach the summit and all the efforts made and the inclement weather faced will be largely rewarded, as well as earning multiple positive mood states.

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After a day of whizzing on the snow or climbing the mountain, it’s time to relax, and what better place than a natural thermal spring can there be? At the foot of the mountain there are the public baths, the Oshen, where you can drown your worries and enjoy a pleasant warm bath, which will not only give you positive moods but will also heal the bruises remedied on the slopes faster. If you are not a snow lover, Mount Komorebi offers additional entertainment for visitors such as walks to discover shrines and temples that you can take together with other Sims, where you can interact like real tourists, take photos and give gifts and presents.

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Our Sims will finally be able to perform spectacular stunts on skis and snowboards!

But in addition to the fun and new skills to master, there is an important novelty that will affect the whole basic system of The Sims 4, that is the lifestyles. With Snowy Oasis the game receives a substantial change that affects the life and feelings of our Sims, making the range of emotions deeper and more realistic.

If our Sim routinely spends their days in public places or taking walks, they will be able to achieve the “outdoor lover” lifestyle. This trait affects everyday life and moods, making our alter ego bored or uncomfortable if he spends too much time at his home or in closed places while he will be constantly happy while hiking or going out to the park.

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The present lifestyles are obviously also diametrically opposed, for example it is not possible to be a lover of the outdoors together with a lover of interiors. But this new feature is not fixed and definitive, preferring days in front of the TV rather than a little jogging, gradually our lifestyle will weaken to strengthen the exact opposite. In any case, it is possible to remove any style assigned to us, by resorting to a therapy session that can be booked from our smartphone or by drinking a potion that can be purchased from the rewards shop.

After hours spent on the snow, you can relax in a magnificent natural thermal spring in search of our zen.

In addition there are new additions regarding traits and milestones, such as the Aspiration Tourist of Mount Komorebi, which requires the completion of all the main activities that the new world offers us. Eating local food, mastering chopstick skills and swimming in the river are just some of the attractions and features of Snowy Oasis, and choosing the new aspirations the game will lead us in all these fascinating novelties to discover 360 degrees of Mount Komorebi and all its secrets.

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The Sims 4 Snowy Oasis comes as a full-bodied expansion with lots of additions in Create a Sim and within the build menu with around 150 new items, ranging from kimonos to shoji-style tents, eat together with the family around a kotatsu or impose house rules thanks to genkan, asking visitors to take off their shoes while remaining barefoot or with socks.

The activities to be done in the world of Komorebi are fascinating and fun, together with the introduction of new social events and recurring festivals in the new neighborhoods, and the novelty of the vending machines, which in addition to supplying us with typical Japanese food and ski equipment and climbing, they offer us the possibility of gacha games, with a total of 50 objects to collect.

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For hikers, Mount Komorebi offers numerous walks, including temples, shrines and bamboo forests.

The news are many and important thanks to the lifestyles and feelings that finally arrive after a strong demand from the community since the first year of The Sims 4, when the whims were the first tenuous initiative to deepen the behavior. In recent years the mods that have tried to bring more realism into the life of the friendly Sims have been countless and always appreciated. Was this what convinced the developers?

In conclusion, Oasi Snowevata is certainly an interesting DLC, one of the most original in recent years, and even if we have not been able to deepen all the aspects in our test of the alpha, the first step towards the community and its requests seems to have been taken.

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