The third-generation iPhone SE will continue to attract users to iOS (opinion).

It’s been a long time since I last talked about the iPhone SE. In this post, I highlighted that Apple would be wrong (again) by taking the same design. Worst of all, later this week, a report from Macotakara indicates that Apple will stick with the same iPhone 8 design in 2022! The most salvageable thing about the matter is that it will include the latest chip (A15) dedicated to the iPhone 13 and iPad mini 6 line and could include 5G. Let’s be honest, 5G isn’t just a high-end thing anymore. There are mid-range devices that include 5G. So, what good will a third generation of this mobile input? What Apple seeks is to attract users to iOS. Today I show you some important facts and why I think the above about the iPhone SE.

Known data about the iPhone SE in terms of production and sales

We start with the hard facts that are known thanks to a research note from the Cowen firm through analyst Krish Sankar. Unfortunately, there is no reliable data for 2021, so we will be guided from 2020.

The third-generation iPhone SE will continue to attract users to iOS (opinion)

Apple considered for its fiscal third quarter (ended June 2020) to produce 35 million iPhone units. The figure decreased by 5% compared to the previous quarter and by 13% compared to the same period but in 2019. Of those 35 million, 30 were estimated as safe shipments (sales) and of those 30 million, between 8 and 6 million represented Second generation iPhone SE.

The annual sales estimate for then (2020) was 25 million iPhone SE (based on estimated production). Apple was concerned about the launch of the new line of iPhone 12, mainly focused on overcoming the impact of the coronavirus. The latest solid current data on overall iPhone SE sales is that they surged on holidays like Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, according to Counterpoint Research.

The third-generation iPhone SE will continue to attract users to iOS (opinion)

What was the surprise? According to the firm Omdia, 24.2 million iPhone SE were sold. Very close to the figure of 25 million that was estimated. Perhaps this year it will be diminished by the launch of the iPhone 13, also by the price reduction in the iPhone 12 line. The reality is that the table is set for Apple to launch a new iPhone SE.

The design is not important, everything is oriented to price and final specifications

Of the most requested features in the opinion of users are battery, performance and connectivity. In this case, Apple’s current entry phone does not comply with 5G, a solid battery and the performance is plenty. Apple would improve performance and connectivity, the battery remains to be seen, but no surprises are expected if we consider that it will be the same design as an iPhone 8.

The third-generation iPhone SE will continue to attract users to iOS (opinion)

Apple goes for the most competitive price. If we also consider that Apple did not raise prices for the iPhone 13, kept prices in the US and in some countries fell, it is almost likely that the third-generation iPhone SE will have a final cost of $399.

Here is my argument about the title of this present opinion. Apple wants to offer features of a premium range mobile at a very competitive price. Since you cannot lower yourself to what other Android brands offer, it is best to continue maintaining a device with a “not so current” design but with a current operating system such as iOS 15.

The third-generation iPhone SE will continue to attract users to iOS (opinion)

A component that guarantees security and trust is Touch ID. Speaking of which, a traditional Touch ID is still around on devices like the 9th generation iPad and getting a makeover like on the iPad Air 4 and the new iPad mini 6. It introduced a variant with the recent generations of MacBook Air and Pro, giving it a new look. keyboard to iMac with Touch ID. Sure, Face ID is a big plus and I’d love to have it on an iPhone SE, but that would mean a price hike.

Let’s not forget that since the iPhone 5s, Apple has maintained the essence of the entry-level iPhone and will continue to do so. It is something similar to what we see with the iPad to dry, in fact I wrote something about it, and it seems to me that that will happen the same with this iPhone. It is not an all-screen iPhone but it has technology that was considered premium.

Apple has the goal of continuing to recruit new users

Some time ago I also talked about a low cost combo between the Cupertino entry phone and the Apple Watch SE. We do not know if 2022 will be the time to launch a second generation of this latest watch. If it does, I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a nice increase in followers from Android to iOS and with the addition of the Apple Watch. The new hard data will emerge and I will be here to comment on it in a future post.

The third-generation iPhone SE will continue to attract users to iOS (opinion)

I have been on Android for more than a year and a half and I can see the envy (in a good way) that users feel when they see the new iPhone 13. It is criticized a lot but some users would like to have it. How does Apple do to conquer them? The foreground is the input iPhone. Once inside, many say it’s hard to leave.