Now that many users are releasing the iPhone, either because they ventured out to get an iPhone SE or because they did so with an iPhone 11 or 11 Pro, now seems like a good time to see what. do with our new device. IPhone offers a world of possibilities, and many times at first it is hard for us to get used to the idea of ​​each of them until we find out about them. This is why we bring today a list of 10 things you must do just take out your new iPhone.

1- Transfer all your stuff from your old device

Whether you are coming from another iPhone or from an Android device, you can transfer the content from it to your new iPhone. Although if you are doing it from another iPhone there are several options, we recommend that you transfer your device. To do this, have your old terminal handy, make sure it is updated to the latest available version of iOS, and follow the steps you will see when setting up your device for the first time.

If you are coming from an Android terminal, Apple has implemented an app on the Play Store to help you transfer your content from one device to another.. Download Switch to iOS on your old smartphone and follow the steps to complete the transfer. Here we leave a guide on how to do it.

2- Hallucinate with the new camera on your iPhone

You release the iPhone that you release the camera will surprise you. Open it and take out the photographer you have inside with portrait mode, or shoot at night during the day with the night mode of the iPhone 11 and 11. Pro Apple equips all its terminals with excellent camera systems, so that you will make amazing captures with any model.

Also as you can record 4K videos at 60fps and slow motion up to 240fps, so as not to miss any detail of all your shots.

photos iphone

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Have you finished recording or photographing? Open your files in the Photos app and edit them directly from there to get them to give you your special touch. Editing tools for video and photo have been improved in iOS 13, now you can tap your images as much as your imagination allows.

3- Speaking of the camera… what if you take a selfie in portrait mode?

Now all iPhones have portrait mode on their front camera, so you will have no excuse for not taking a good photo of yourself. Open the camera and study the different types of lighting offered by this new mode, smile and shoot. You can also now adjust your photo’s background blur to your liking with the depth of field control, and you can also change it to whatever lighting you choose after taking the capture, not bad is not it?

4- Take a look at the new apple

At the end Apple has removed all iPhones from its lineup with the apple centered on the top from the back to place it in its exact center. After 12 years, Apple gave in to the symmetry of its equipment and decided to change something that was already a tradition, but that virtually all users have embraced with open arms. A small change with a big impact.

IPhone 11 all colors

5- Try QuickTake

With iOS 13, you no longer need to switch to camera video mode to start recording. Thanks to this new function called QuickTake you can start recording just by holding your finger on the shutter button. If you want to continue recording, you can’t release your trigger finger, as if it were an Instagram story, or drag it to the button that will appear next to the trigger so that it keeps filming until you decide to stop it.


In addition, You can also take photos while recording your videos, just press the shutter button that will appear during recording next to the button to stop recording.

6- Find a nice case for your new device

We usually spend quite a bit of money on our new iPhone, so what better idea than to put a good blanket to protect it well. In the Apple Online Store itself you will find plenty of options, both official Apple and third parties. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative that still offers good protection, another good place to look can be amazon, where you will find a large assortment with different models and prices.

Apple iPhone cases

7- Find a good scene and try SmartHDR

One of the most mind-boggling capabilities of today’s iPhone camera is its SmartHDR. This function is in charge of correctly exposing the lights and shadows of the images we take so that there are neither too dark nor too light areas, maintaining the level of detail of the image evenly thanks in part to the AI.


By default it is enabled on our devices, but if by any chance we want to disable it, we can do it from Adjustments

Source: Techradar