Huawei appears to remain “a national security risk” to the United States, like other companies affected by Trump’s veto. This has been under consideration since 2019 and for now it will remain so until next year, given that the country’s president extends veto to Huawei until 2021.

The information is provided by Reuters, transferring the extension of what was already the fifth extension applied to business with Huawei by US companies. It has also been almost a year since the ban on doing business with Huawei and other Chinese companies began. national companies like Google, thus directly affecting their products and services.

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Not a month or three more months: a year

The latest batches of Huawei and Honor mobiles do not have Google services as a result of this blockage, as we have seen here from the Huawei Mate 30 and we were able to check in depth recently with the Huawei P40 Pro, to see up to where the app gallery can be taken and how the installation of google services is currently going. A situation we are experiencing now is going to last longer, because contrary to what we thought, the new extension of the ban on doing business with Huawei does not last a few months, but a year.

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What we have also seen is not (at least for now) a total blockade: some temporary licenses have been there are some American companies doing business with some of the Chinese companies, as is the case with Microsoft (so we see Windows on Huawei laptops). This is also maintained, unchanged for any of these companies, so in principle Huawei mobiles and tablets will continue with App Gallery and Huawei Mobile Services as the primary support for user software.

The Honor and Huawei mobiles launched during the veto are delivered without the Google Play Store and other services.

In this way, the new executive order that President Trump signed extends until May 2021, thus maintaining this blockade on American companies and their relations with companies which continue to pose this “risk to national security”, as the case of Huawei or ZTE. Something that stays that way despite the meetings and concessions that have been implemented to minimize the negative impact on American businesses as much as possible.

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We will see what happens with the Huawei roadmap. Just yesterday we talked about everything we know about HarmonyOS, the new operating system introduced by Huawei and which we have already seen on some devices, so we will see if this new extension in any way affects its sound. development and start-up. , as well as the products. that this tech giant is selling.

Source: Engadget