Almost a year ago, Steam redesigned its library to fill it with vertical thumbnails, which means that all titles must change theirs to adapt to the new dimensions. Fortunately, most practices have done so. It’s quite satisfying looking at our library full of awesome vertical designs for our favorite games… until we see one that doesn’t.

There are still quite a few titles that haven’t changed the thumbnail so what we see is a little horizontal illustration on a blurry background that completely breaks the symmetry of the library. Should we wait until the developers decide to change the image to be comfortable? Of course not.

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We can change it ourselves at will by anyone we have on our PC. We just right clicked on the thumbnail, “Manage”, and then we give “Define a personalized illustration”. However, I understand that not everyone is familiar enough with graphic design to create their own designs. Or maybe yes, but you just want to make everything look even better. Fortunately, there is a website for this.

It’s called SteamGridDB (there’s also a sub-reddit), and it lets users share your own Steam thumbnails with everyone. Of course, with the arrival of new vertical designs, it has become the perfect place to find those images with which to replace the ones that haven’t been updated yet.

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For example, here are some really cool miniatures for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, a game that still have a horizontal illustration on Steam. You just need to download them and follow the steps I explained earlier to upload it to your library.

But it doesn’t end there. Lately they have become very fashionable animated thumbnails, like this one from DIRT 4. In case you want to give your library an even more special touch. The process is exactly the same as for still images. And if by any chance you are tired, you just have to right click again, “Manage”, And give “Delete custom illustration”.

So you already know that. If you are looking for some cool pictures or gifs to decorate your digital games collection, SteamGridDB is the ideal site for this. If you can’t find anything for the game you’re interested in, you can always open a message in the subdirectory asking for the thumbnail, as some already do. I also recommend that you look at both the web and the subdirectory, as not all designs are on both sites.

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Of course never forget thank the authors, either with a post on Reddit or by rating their creations on the web.

Source : Gadgetsnow