The video game comedy.

2014 was a year in which we were able to witness the birth of a new genre for video games, comedy. The birth of a genre is something very special and very rare, because only the people who have been present during the birth of our industry have been able to see how shooters with Doom or the appearance of visual novels with The Secret of Monkey Island. I can’t think of any genre that has emerged in the last fifteen years … and suddenly, we come across this.

Comedy was something that we couldn’t consider as a genre at first. Yes, there were very funny visual novels like Day of the TentacleBut like I said, it was a visual novel, not a comedy. Comedy is a genre of cinema, and there are very few genres that can be transferred to the medium of video games and vice versa. You cannot make a video game based solely on drama or animation, you have to give it a type of playability from which the type of game it is will be determined. In the same way, we cannot classify a film as a “platform” film, or taking more into account the field we are talking about, we cannot say that a film is “Very short scenes” or “Shot in real settings and not in a set. ”

Video games and movies have totally different ways of labeling their works, and it’s rare that games have now been created that we can only say are … comedy. Eighty: Dadliest Catch, I Am Bread or Goat Simulator They are games that follow the same pattern, make you feel as if you were Mr. Bean on a fool day, but this type of video game is not called “Bad control games” or “Chaos and disaster games” … Why what’s up

The video game comedy

Well, the answer to this question is quite obvious, because they make us laugh, and since they do not have any kind of name that we can give them due to their gameplay being very rare, we have decided to give them this type of classification. Not that I complain about the name, but I find it very strange that games have been created whose only function is to make people laugh, not entertain, laugh. Why were these games created?

First of all, we should look at the date of the creation of these video games, 2014. What were the biggest social phenomena at that time? (Yes, we have only been a month since then, but follow me), the gamergate, the abundance of remasters, etc, but now let’s think about things that really interest normal people … Youtubers.

The video game comedy

(There goes a theme to accompany)

Youtubers have become the most influential people in the world of video games, very few people recognize Jim Sterling’s work as a journalist, everyone loves Pewdiepie. All journalists do is ask interesting questions, make you think, and today’s society gets tired of that, think ?, buah, I better start playing COD or I start watching that Vegetta, makes you laugh with nonsense that requires no intelligence and that anyone could do in 5 minutes without any effort, and still make much more money than other people who break their spines and (This section has been cut due to insults and a too long complaint about this kind of people)

The video game comedy

The fact is that youtubers make you laugh, even when they play serious games, so the best thing that some people came up with to sell their games is to make a product that allows these people on the internet to get more laughs from their million followers. We could say that the creators of the game are … sold out, because normally the great creators of videos on the net tend to advertise these games as soon as they go on sale.

It seems that the studios that have created these works do not want to get quality products, it really gives the feeling that all they want is publicity and money. This is the general view among people who are usually aware of video games, people who frequent forums and read articles like this, and it does not surprise me, but are there good things in this genre?

The video game comedy

Yes, there is an especially interesting game, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, sequel to Eighty, an independent game that I had never heard of until recently because its premiere was in 2010 and at that time, youtubers did not exist and what prevailed within the indie sector were charismatic and interesting works such as Super Meat Boy or Cave Story. Octodad: Dadliest Catch It differs from its peers in that this game does seem to have production values ​​and that it is made with love. It has a story (quite funny, by the way), something that these games do not usually have, it has a worked and cartoonish visual style, it has a level design according to the gameplay and that improves the experience, practically, this is the best you can get to get if you want to get to try one of those games that have caused such a stir lately.

Now let’s think for a moment, why do we have such a negative view of this type of games if there are works like Eighty which are really good? Well … it’s that Eighty it is the only really good and original title. The other two great pillars of this genre are I Am Bread, a game in which you have to be a living slice of bread that wants to be toasted so you have to guide it around a kitchen … And then there is the creator of all this humorous crisis, Goat simulator

The Goat Simulator it’s chaos matched up, there’s no story, the controls are atrocious, the graphics are pitiful, the humor is just watching us smash people against a wall … and people love that chaos. It’s not a game like Slaughtering Grounds, a title done badly because the developers are inept. This game is bad because they intended it to be bad, and people buy it because the crap inside the game makes them funny … And it is because of this title that we are currently being bombarded by this string of games “funny”

The video game comedy

It seems that the next “fun” games are going to be governed more by what they have come to do Goat Simulator, with a broken and mindless environment that is full of glitches and will not go the route of Eighty, with a worked visual style and a fun script that proposes bizarre situations. This can be very bad and can flood Steam and other mediocre game media such as when the horror genre was popularized thanks to youtubers.

YouTubers have become some of the most influential people in popular culture and have achieved levels of attention that rival those of billionaire actors and pop stars, and it is not that they do something truly interesting and that contributes to humanity, only they start to play and laugh. And okay, I’m deviating a lot from the topic and that youtubers are lazy is material for another article, but my point is, these games would not exist if it had not been for them, and just like with the ring of the trilogy of JR Tolkien, the origin of this evil is the only thing that can stop it.

The only solution I can find is for youtubers to mature and report this type of behavior and not behave like idiots. We veteran users in the industry could say that these games are rubbish and that nobody should buy them, but we are already doing it, there are millions of people who insult these games and I understand what they want to do, but they have to understand that the main consumer of all these types of games are children who do not usually go beyond their pre-adolescence. Some expert recommendations are useless, the only people who can convince these little devils are the same people who encouraged them to buy it.

The video game comedy

In other words, we are condemned to a whole generation of mediocrity.

Now more seriously, it may be because this is the first year that we have had this type of game, but these internet celebrities must only play the titles that are really worked on if we want to see how this genre evolves. When you stop to think about it, it is a bit ironic, if we want to see how video games improve, youtubers have to mature and try to do something useful, on the other hand, if they decide to be guided only by pasta … It will be the Game Over for these new games that could have achieved something totally unique that hadn’t been seen before in the medium … I’m scared of the future of comedy