The video of the alleged Boston Dynamics robot being abused is not real, it is an amazing CGI work

During the weekend it was shared on social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, a disturbing video showing how a robot was being “mistreated” while trying to perform all kinds of tasks. The amazing thing is that the clip had all the aesthetics of the Boston Dynamics clips, and even the robot had all the look of the ‘Atlas’ robot.

Due to this confusion, the video went “viral” and some users were dismayed by the form of “abuse” suffered by the robot. At the end of the video the robot tries to defend itself, prompting other people to express support for this supposed “lifting” of the robot.

Well, because the video is not real. This is the most recent work by Corridor Digital, who are specialists in visual effects and since 2011 they have been dedicated to creating amazing shorts, many of them based on video games, such as ‘GTA V’ and ‘Mario Kart’.

As we saw, the video is incredible and its amazing level of realism is what caused some people to fall for the deception. In fact, the video is titled ‘Boston Dynamics: New Robots Now Fight Back’, although the video refers to ‘Bosstown Dynamics’, and is based on some tests we saw in 2016, where the people in charge of Boston Dynamics put the resistance of the new generation of ‘Atlas’ to the test, so it was not not unreasonable to believe in the veracity of the Corridor video.

In fact, that original video caused all kinds of parodies at the time.

This is how the Corridor Digital video for ‘Bosstown Dynamics’ was created

Many of the videos shared on social networks were edited and did not show the full video, even in some cases they only showed scenes with the classic comments referring to “the rebellion of the machines” and “Skynet”.

But if we see the original video in its entirety, here is a preview of how the visual effects were made. In fact, the folks at Corridor posted a separate video that focuses on explaining the challenges and details of this great montage.

In short, Corridor used motion capture on a real actor, who made all the movements we saw of the robot as well as its response to the blows. Once having this, the next thing was to add the robot using CGI. A great visual effects job.