The walking dead, the charisma matched.

The Walking Dead and becoming fond of a character.

Anyone who ever played The Walking Dead you know how awesome it is. Not for its gameplay or graphics since it hardly has those elements, but Telltale Games he has been able to take advantage of it and achieve something that the industry has been wanting to achieve for a long time and that many do not even get shot.

I will put the example clearer: You go (From Far cry 3) A character with a scary charisma and personality is a very accomplished character.Telltale Games has made a game full of characters with personality, who will make you cry at the end of the two seasons and will make you get into their story fully, they know how to stay alert, when and how to make you interact to fully immerse yourself in The Walking DeadYou will feel as part of the story as the protagonist, since the protagonist is you, you are the one who makes the most decisions. And you will form your path.

This and much more makes The Walking Dead an awesome, old-fashioned game. Do you remember when you were little? When any character could manage to empathize with you, because we were children and any character we played with was almost like a friend (Maybe I’m exaggerating, it’s for you to understand).

The walking dead, the charisma matched

When we grow up this is much more difficult, the games every time try to achieve more this, affinity with the player and it seems that it is almost impossible currently. But as I already said, TWD break all this and get the best emotions out of our hearts.

Without going any further, the second season of The Walking Dead it’s about a girl, Clementine, the protagonist of the first season was read, a man who took the chestnuts out of the fire Clementine at all times, in this new season we will have to find our lives to get out of the way by ourselves, or rather Clementine alone.

The walking dead, the charisma matched

Each of this season’s episodes shows a young girl’s loss of innocence, almost comparable to leaving home at a young age. It shows how people change for some reason as time passes, only in this case. Clementine she is forced to reach a maturity that a girl should not have so early. However, the point of view of an innocent, sweet and scared girl, totally defenseless, does not cease to amaze.

Many of the characters bring us a smile, or a tear in this game, some decisions are terribly difficult such as choosing between agreeing with a friend or another, or how it can be to kill one of the two.

The walking dead, the charisma matched

It raises some quite curious themes, the loss of loved ones, evolution, survival, maturity, innocence, which do The walking dead an awesome game. It is proof that there are still those games that make you feel a sense of full adventure and very entertaining.

Many should take an example from The Walking Dead.

The walking dead, the charisma matched