The WhatsApp forwarding limit causes a 70% drop in the number of forwarded viral messages according to Facebook

WhatsApp announced weeks ago the implementation of a measure to limit the number of message forwarding. The goal was to achieve minimize the spread of viral messages that were often used by those who spread misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic.

That measure to have had a clear effect: this company has indicated that has detected a 70% drop in the number of “highly forwarded messages on WhatsApp” .-

Keeping misinformation at bay

This measure has allowed that, according to a spokesperson, the service remains “as a place where have private conversations and personal “.

This type of media was already taken at the beginning of 2019, when Facebook and its subsidiary WhatsApp took measures against false news or ‘fake news’ related mainly to the political sphere.

On that occasion, the number of forwardings that could be made was limited to five users, but with the coronavirus pandemic this forwarding of messages has been restricted to a single user, which prevents the massive dissemination of false news and misinformation, whether it is shared with good intention or not.

The measure may be annoying for the normal use of the service, but it is certainly a way to minimize this massive forwarding of fake news related to the coronavirus pandemic. On whatsapp they had detected “a significant increase in the number of re-shipments” since the pandemic began, something users themselves had complained about.