Nintendo Lab is Nintendo’s unique series of build, play and explore experiences available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. The series challenges users to use their creativity for completely new gaming experiences. Nintendo recently hosted the European Nintendo Labo Creators Contest, inviting creatives of all ages to share their home-made Nintendo Labo creations with the world. Today Nintendo will reveal the winners who will each receive a prize that cannot be bought anywhere: a Nintendo Switch console with a special Nintendo Labo design!

The winners were personally chosen from hundreds of European entries by members of the Nintendo Labo development team.

Category: Creations
Grand Prize Winner: Lab Alien Game, Jose Julio (Spain).
Watch the Labo Alien Game video on YouTube.

Contributor description: “Using the vibrations of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers, we created a game that drops balls through a funnel. The balls represent aliens. As they fall, you can shoot them by pressing the button. The infrared motion camera detects the hits, which are rewarded with points. My daughters helped me decorate the game, so the whole family really enjoyed the project.”

Comments from the developers: “We really like the idea that the HD vibration function of the Joy-Con controller is used to make the balls fall. The use of the infrared motion camera to record the movements of the balls as they fall is also well thought out. This game looks really fun – we’d love to give it a try!”

Category: Decorations
Grand Prize Winner: Luigi’s Little Mansion, Jordi Lamarca de Sanz (Spain).
Watch the Luigi’s Little Mansion video on YouTube .

Contributor description: “Before the Nintendo Labo Creators Contest started, I already had the idea of ​​turning the house into a haunted mansion. After I decided to participate, references to the Super Mario worlds became more and more important, and I ended up basing the entire project on those worlds, especially Luigi’s Mansion. I put the mansion together without glue but with folds and flaps, and that went by trial and error. I also used a pencil, a ruler and a knife. I have tried to use as few materials as possible. The idea was to build out the house with room for two of the game’s mechanics that I wanted to use in a more physical way. My three-year-old daughter and I love playing Luigi’s Mansion. Our Tomo is called ‘Pepito’.”

Comments from the developers: “This entry is beautifully made, taken care of down to the smallest detail, and shows a high level of craftsmanship.” “We love all the ideas in this build, from the gate that opens when you turn the knob, to the fluorescent paint that makes a floating Boo appear when it gets dark. The fact that you can take the house apart, look into the mansion and still use it as a Toy-Con house is really impressive!

Category: Kids
Grand Prize Winner: Custom Bowser’s Castle-Inspired Home, Fabrice Doberva (France)

Contributor description: “A modified Toy-Con house in the style of Bowser’s castle.”
Comments from the developers: “We really enjoy the many details in this structure, and appreciate the color scheme that is both beautiful and balanced. The four towers look thick and sturdy, as you would expect from a castle. Very impressive! We bet Bowser would be happy too!”

Last week, the Dutch winners of the Nintendo Labo Creators Contest were also announced.