The Witcher 3: Unmarked quests in Skellige.

On the islands of Skellige there are numerous encounters and tasks that you come across more by chance than purposefully. As a rule, these are unmarked quests that are only rarely, usually not at all, entered in the journal with a title and directional arrow. The tasks are always quite simple and should only contribute to the atmosphere. Nevertheless, it is worth pursuing, because in addition to experience points, gold, craft materials or high-quality equipment are often waiting for you as a reward. Here we show you the unmarked quests in Skellige.

Please note that many of these encounters are time sensitive. This is especially true for tasks that involve protecting someone from bandits. If you come to the appropriate place and do not help the person affected, it is irretrievable. This usually doesn’t have any drastic effects, but you may miss out on a great side quest or valuable loot.

The Witcher 3: Unmarked quests in Skellige

The Arinbjorn werewolf

If you leave the small village of Arinbjorn (in the west of Ard Skellig) on ​​the road to the south at night, you may not come across the usual wolf pack after the crossroads, but a level 17 werewolf with its pack of five white wolves will be accrued. This is often the case, especially on the south-eastern route. If you choose not to flee but to fight, take care of the wolves first and either avoid the werewolf or stun him with AXII. Otherwise you have to keep changing swords. If you are specifically looking for the werewolf, but do not come across it during the night, try again on another day.

Siren attack on flock of sheep

If you follow the road from Sund (small village in the west of Ard Skellig) west to the archipelago with the lighthouse of Eldberg, you may come across a shepherd and his flock a bit behind the village, who are attacked by two level 13 sirens. If you rush to help the shepherd, he will thank you with 50 experience points. If you leave the shepherd and his sheep to their fate, at best you will only find out at a later point in time in Sund that the villagers are worried about the shepherd’s return.

The Witcher 3: Unmarked quests in Skellige

Bandit attack on the palisade

If you travel in the southeast of Ard Skellig from the village of Fyresdal along the main road in a northeast direction to the druid camp, you will pass the palisade with the signpost of the same name halfway. There you will also meet a helpless farmer who is crouching on a pole and holding a quest for you. If you speak to him, the farmer turns out to be a level 13 highwayman and calls his two level 11 cronies who have hidden behind the stockade to help. Kill the rabble and you will get 15 experience points plus the robbers’ belongings.

Armed robbery

A little southeast of the village of Rannvaig (Ard Skellig) the paths lead to two lonely huts. If you pay a visit to the southeastern of the two, you will meet three armed level 15 bandits who are trying to get into the hut. If you approach the rabble of thieves, they will notice you and attack you. The quest starts three corpses later and is supposed to knock on the front door. Before that you can bat the corpses and find, among other things, “Lugos’ letter”, from which at least some background information about the event emerges. The host provides a few more pieces of information before the conversation ends and the quest is completed. As a reward there are five experience points and everything that is not nailed in the house.

The Witcher 3: Unmarked quests in Skellige

Don’t trust a child

If you travel to the west of Ard Skellig on the road between the two villages of Arinbjorn and Sund, you will meet a little boy halfway through who is crying for help for his father. If you speak to the little one and ask what’s going on, he’ll tell you that his father was attacked by a bear while chopping wood. Then the boy leads you to the scene – just behind the trees on the roadside. However, there is no father and no bear, but a level 14 crook with two appendages who stupidly got on the wrong side. Cut the three bandits a head shorter and, if necessary, get their belongings before you ride on.

Tomb robbers in Yustianna’s grotto

If you follow the only street in the very north-eastern corner of Ard Skellig, sooner or later you will pass Yustianna’s grotto with a sign of the same name. In it you will not only find a lot of useful materials and legendary equipment, but also four grave robbers who want to rip the whole thing under the nail. If you approach the rabble, a short sequence follows in which they offer you the option to let you live for 150 mosquitoes. Alternatively, you can also wriggle out with AXII (level 3) or let it come to a fight with the third option. If your AXII level is high enough, take advantage of this opportunity. So you get 40 bonus experience points and can then run to the bandits again, chop them into pieces and pocket all of your treasures. By the way, you need the magic lamp to dissolve the numerous illusions and to get at all treasures.

The Witcher 3: Unmarked quests in Skellige

The four faces of the shirtall

There are four altars on Faroe Island dedicated to the god Shirtall. They are often the destination of pilgrims. One of the altars is in the middle of the island (on the north side). There you will also meet a pilgrim who is prevented by three level 17 pirates from praying at the shrine. Either you leave it at that and travel on, or you button the three guys with your sword. If you choose option two, the hikers will then contact you and explain more about their pilgrimage. There are also 50 experience points.

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The Witcher 3: Unmarked quests in Skellige

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