Up Netflix in December the TV series dedicated to The Witcher. His was an unprecedented success, so much so as to record a surge in sales both in terms of video games and the books from which it all started.

If you are among those who have seen the TV series, then you will remember a particular scene that sees as the protagonist Visenna, Geralt’s mother. At this juncture our protagonist is feverish and relives in his delirium the moment in which he is abandoned by his mother as a child. However, at the same moment, Visenna appears to Geralt as an adult: is it therefore a matter of reality or a hallucination?

In that regard, it is Marc Jobst, the director of The Witcher to give his interpretation: “After being bitten by a ghoul, Geralt in his delirium returns to his childhood, when he is abandoned by his mother. But is it really a delusion or is the mother actually there? We wanted to leave this sense of ambiguity on purpose. There was a lot of discussion among fans about it, but we chose this way for Geralt to ask, ‘Tell me, at least, that you knew what you were doing.’ One of the tricks of the storytelling is don’t make it clear if that’s why he’s always so grumpy. We tell the story of a child who has been abandoned, and for some this may be why Geralt thinks the whole world is against him. “

What do you think? Do you think Visenna was just a hallucination or was she really there at that moment? Let us know in the comments.

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Source: The Witcher TV

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