Welcome to the dark cyberpunk future!

After the success of The Witcher 3, fans’ expectations for cyberpunk 2077 from CD Projekt Red is immeasurable. Since it was announced, way back in 2012, and when it won its first trailer a few months later, it had already caught the attention of gamers around the world.

The title is actually a sequel to the Cyberpunk RPG book, originally released in 1988 (with distribution in Brazil by Devir Livraria), especially the second edition, which is the most popular and takes place in the year 2020.

Written by Mike Pondsmith, cyberpunk 2020 is based on the works of William Gibson, Bruce Sterling and other authors of the cyberpunk genre, known for high technology and low quality of life.

In cinemas, the classic Blade Runner (1982) is the main reference to the genre (in addition to being one of the sources of inspiration for the author of Cyberpunk), which in 2017 won the excellent sequel Blade Runner 2049.

In games we have several references, but the most popular is probably the Deus Ex series, the most recent title being Deus Ex: Mankind Divided from 2016.

A world full of possibilities!

Now that you are already contextualized with this universe, we can start talking about cyberpunk 2077🇧🇷 The game has a first-person perspective, where players assume the role of V (with customizable appearance and gender), an outlaw mercenary in search of a unique implant that holds the key to immortality.

In the cyberpunk universe, it is common for people to use cybernetic implants to increase their abilities, an element that will be abundant in V’s customization, changing the gameplay according to the player’s choices – for action, stealth, exploration, etc.

In addition to various types of weapons, stealth mode and systems hacking, players will be able to buy implants with special abilities, such as a translator to understand foreign languages ​​and thus open up new options – just one example of a multitude that will be available.

Night City, the chaotic city of the future!

The adventure takes place in an open world set in night citya megalopolis in the United States obsessed with power, biomodification, with high rates of violence and poverty, with several megacorporations dominating the arms, technology and other sectors, imposing their own laws – in the words of the games, “the worst place to be live in America”.

In addition to these corporations, there are also various gang groups vying for territories and people with violent cybernetic modifications, which spread wars and conflicts throughout the city. To deal with these constant threats there is the Psycho Squad, a special armed force with a single objective: to hunt down and capture or kill cybernetic maniacs.

And so the chaotic scenario is set up where the player will spend most of his time exploring – and remember, each decision taken sets different directions for the story and the world around you.

Keanu Reeves and the Myth of Johnny Silverhand

As everyone may already know, the actor Keanu Reeves (John Wick, Matrix) was announced as a character of great importance to the game’s narrative. He has a cybernetic arm and his name is Johnny Silverhand, who appeared in the original 1988 Cyberpunk, already with the mechanical arm.

Johnny belongs to the group (or RPG-book class) Rockerboy, who are rebellious musicians with attitudes against the oppressive authority of society – basically they are the future version of 70s punk rockers.

He is the lead singer of the band Samurai and later pursued a solo career, until he disappeared on a mission against a corporation, supposedly killed in action, thus becoming a myth among his fans – among them, the protagonist of the game.

In addition, he is also an ex-military deserter from the armed forces, so someone with knowledge of weapons and skills that could be useful to the player in Cyberpunk 2077 – perhaps even acting as a kind of mentor for V.

Gaga Cyberpunk?

In the game trailers it is possible to see the protagonist wearing a jacket with the name of the band Samurai on the collar, and even in the most recent video it is possible to hear their song playing at the end – but it is not known if it is really Keanu Reeves singing (at the beginning in the 90’s he even had a rock band called Dogstar).

In the gameplay video released months ago by CD Projekt Red, it is also possible to hear, inside V’s apartment, a radio announcer talking about the myth of Johnny Silverhand, and then playing one of his songs.

But besides Reeves, there are strong rumors that another famous celebrity could be in Cyberpunk 2077: the singer/actress Lady Gaga🇧🇷 The pop star was reportedly seen months ago visiting CD Projekt Red to reportedly perform motion capture and facial features for a character. Will we soon have another bombshell revelation?

One thing is for sure: Lady Gaga is known for her bizarre and eccentric looks, which would undoubtedly fit like a glove in the cyberpunk universe.

Coming soon 2020/2077!

Anyway, Cyberpunk 2077 is already one of the most anticipated games of recent times, and from what has been shown so far, it will not disappoint!

The game is scheduled for release on April 16, 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

Check out the latest cinematic trailer below, with the reveal of Keanu Reeves’ character, and to get an idea of ​​the gameplay (which should follow the line of the Deus Ex series, but with several new features), the video of the demo shown in 2018: