Theories about the plot of ‘Assassin’s Creed’.

Just a week left for what will undoubtedly be one of the releases of the year. I am talking, of course, of ‘Assassin’s Creed’, the star title of Ubisoft for this Christmas.

Well, the fact is that I have received a copy of the famous game comic. This comic has already appeared on the internet for a long time, but, for those who have not read it, or who, after reading it, will stay as you are, I will try to explain what, in my opinion, are the most revealing clues.

Notice: What you are about to read could spoil the plot of the game, so think about it before continuing.

Theories about the plot of ‘Assassin’s Creed’

The comic opens with the image of an individual running down the street of a modern city. Specifically, according to the upper part, we are in the year 2012. The figure of the individual is familiar to us, especially due to the fact that he wears a light-colored sweatshirt and covers his head with a hood …

According to the comic, this individual’s name is Desmond Miles. But it is evident from their physical resemblance that he is either Altäir or one of his descendants.

Theories about the plot of ‘Assassin’s Creed’

Next, we will see a series of images in which Desmond enters one of the facilities of Abstergo Industries. It is a kind of militarized industrial complex, highly guarded by soldiers. Although the upper text reads “I am a prisoner”, in the images we see how it sneaks into these facilities.

Desmond comes to a table with a strange glow. When touched, a blinding light emerges from it and, suddenly, the next vignette shows us the city of Acre in the year 1191 BC

Theories about the plot of ‘Assassin’s Creed’

It is then that the action changes period and Altäir appears on the scene, telling us about his day to day. He is a hunter, a murderer who pursues his prey.

In the following pages of the comic, the action runs in parallel between the actions of Desmond and his medieval namesake, which are separated by about 900 years.

Theories about the plot of ‘Assassin’s Creed’

And if it had not yet been clear, the last pages of the comic present us with both characters in the same situation, persecuted and cornered. However, Altäir is easily freed from his enemies, while Desmond is trapped.

It is here that the words “I am a prisoner” make sense. Desmond was probably captured and used by the company in its experiments, given his reaction to contact with the machine.

Well, the comic is not very profuse in explanations (not to say that it does not give any) but if we add what was seen in these vignettes to what Kristen Bell already uncovered many months ago … I think the possible argument of the game is quite clear . Perhaps most revealing is Desmond and Altäir’s final sentence, which is the same in both cases: “I am a murderer.”

Theories about the plot of ‘Assassin’s Creed’

My theory is that, indeed, everything revolves around an investigation on the memory of genes and Desmond is part (voluntarily or involuntarily) of that investigation.

From here, I understand that two things can happen. Either it is a kind of virtual reality that you access when you touch the surface, or that when you come into contact with it you immerse yourself in a kind of dream or trance and begin to have memories of a previous life (perhaps of an ancestor of yours, or perhaps a reincarnation, depending on how mystics the developers wanted to get on with the subject).

This would provide, as Jade Raymond already commented in the interview published a couple of weeks ago, a perfect connection point in the case of continuations of the saga. In this way, Desmond, Altäir or whatever you want to call it, could move in each new installment to a different time in history through the memory of their genes.

Theories about the plot of ‘Assassin’s Creed’

Even if you hurry me, the last part of the presumed trilogy could take place in the future in which the comic is set. Desmond would be able to escape and the owners of the genetic memory technology would persecute him due to his discoveries, so he would have to use his learned skills to defend himself.

All this is nothing more than speculations, but given what I have seen to date, I think I am not very misguided. And, the truth is, it seems like a great way to weave the whole saga together. And very cinematic, it must be said, which could lead to a movie if video games are as successful as expected …

The problem is that so much information has been leaked, because if so many clues had not been given (the ‘Matrix’ effects in the game, Katie Bell’s statements, the comic itself …) we would probably be facing one of the games with an ending most surprising and unexpected.

In any case, the comic, more than answers, raises new questions. The only thing true to date is the Assassin’s motto: Nothing is true, everything is allowed.

Theories about the plot of ‘Assassin’s Creed’