The question arises: How much of the Xbox Series S and X is in Sony’s announcements regarding the price and extended support of the PS4? The latter, in particular, is part of a long-established Microsoft philosophy: the consumer at the center, no matter which gaming machine they choose.

When Sony surprisingly pointed out that some games that had been billed as PS5 exclusives, such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Horizon: Forbidden West, would also be coming to PS4, the idea went straight to competing with Microsoft. Who is suing and who is being sued?

We wonder why by analyzing Sony’s announcements, we can see the hand of the Xbox. A slight but sufficient imprint to make it appear that Microsoft’s proposal is very valid, to the point of shaking certain certainties at Sony.

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PlayStation Plus Collection seemed to be the (somewhat timid) response to the service available on Xbox, which was recently enriched by the Electronic Arts proposal. The PlayStation Plus collection will include a selection of PS4 titles of the caliber of Days Gone, God of War, Bloodborne and Persona 5. The offer is attractive because this package will be part of the PlayStation Plus subscription and therefore will not require additional costs.

Months ago, Jim Ryan, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, was clear: new games only on PS5. The reverse on Spider-Man and Horizon was a surprise.

There are 45 million subscribers: a large group but still less than half of the PS4 distributed (112 million) and monthly active users on the PlayStation Network (113 million). On services, Sony still has a lot of ground to cultivate.

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For months, Sony has been talking about how much it believes in generations and how it is necessary that new proprietary productions only support the new console (PS5) in order to express their full potential. At the same time, Microsoft has proclaimed the opposite: games must be at the service of the user; Extended Xbox One support for games like Halo: Infinite is therefore welcome.

We now know that Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon: Forbidden West and Sackboy: A Big Adventure will also arrive on PS4. According to James Stevenson, community manager of Insomniac Games, this decision was made so that people can upgrade to the PS5 whenever they want. Which, in Insomniac’s case, meant bringing Spider-Man to PS4 as well.

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Spider-Man: Miles Morales has been announced as a PS5 exclusive. We now know that it will also arrive on PS4 upon launch.

More likely, Sony didn’t really want to throw 112 million consoles upside down overnight. We combine this fact with the consideration that PS5’s initial stocks might be modest compared to previous launches and here is Spider-Man, without PS4, would have risked missing some sales targets.

But putting the gamer at the center of the strategy, even at the cost of reducing the perceived value of the new console and reversing claims made a few months earlier, was still a huge turnaround and one that joined Sony in the approach Microsoft is taking. for the Xbox series. S and X.

Then we add the rumors prior to the last presentation of the PS5, according to which Sony would have modified the launch prices of the two models after the announcements of Microsoft (Xbox Series S for 299 euros and Xbox Series X for 499 euros). The race to the bottom has no winner or net winner: Microsoft will have the cheapest console but between the digital-only PS5 and the one with Blu-ray player, there are not the same technical differences as between the Xbox Series S and X. These 100 euros, in short, they constitute an interesting discount to sell the physical medium.

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The Xbox Series S will cost 299 euros: a price so aggressive that it has prompted Sony, according to some, to review the prices of the PS5 before making them official.

Sony approached the new generation with the same confidence as those who, thanks to a console (PS4) with 112 million units sold, have swept the last seven years of the market. The same security, however, that when transitioning from the PS2 (the best-selling console of all time) to the PS3, caused it to lose many users in the early years. For whose benefit? Microsoft and Xbox 360. (We don’t forget Nintendo, but it’s the Wii that plays in a league of its own.)

After months of back-and-forth, Sony’s security has shown some slack: it has lowered the introductory price, revised the exclusivity policy, and organized a bundle of subscription-based download games. It’s really true: each generation is its own. But the beauty of competition is also this: If businesses challenge each other with the sword, consumers win. Too bad for the games at 80 euros.

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Source : Reddit