It is only necessary to enter the App Store or Google Play and navigate through the different existing categories to realize that there is an app for everything you can imagine, from getting cooking recipes, to reading books, writing documents, entering your networks social networks, listening to music, watching movies or contributing to your favorite casino.

This is mainly due to the ingenuity of the developers and the facilities that the app stores offer to anyone who wants to publish their new app.

there is an app for that!

There’s an app for that (there is an app for that) is a common phrase in the colloquial language for some years, although very few of us know that we owe it to the technology giant Apple, who popularized it in a commercial advertisement in 2009 during the launch of your iPhone 3G.

In fact, it is a trademark registered by the company, but it can be used as a reference to show that there is an app for everything you can imagine. Currently, the application markets have just over 5 million applications altogether, half of them dedicated to leisure and entertainment, although many are educational and productive.

And many of those apps are honestly weird. For example, who would say that it is possible to find an application in which you can listen to canaries singing… Well, it exists! And it’s called Canary Bird Songs and we can find it in the Google Play Store or in the App Store for free. And so, we can find a wide selection of curious and interesting applications, and even some totally and utterly useless for the vast majority of people, but they are there, and they accumulate thousands of downloads and many active users.

And it is that we can really do almost everything from our mobile device. Let’s think for a moment, we can watch exclusive movies and series on Netflix, shop with the Ebay and Amazon apps, or do the weekly shopping with our favorite supermarket app, play any kind of video game and even check our daily horoscope, without It should be mentioned that through mobile applications we have access to all social networks and they are the most common way to use instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Line, and we can even find a partner using Tinder or Badoo in their mobile version.

Online casinos do not escape the trend

The main casino firms in the world have already ventured into the world of applications, to ensure that they are right where their users require it. The most well-known sports betting and casino gaming websites have their own mobile applications optimized to provide a gaming experience close to that of land-based casinos. With just a little browsing on any of those mobile apps, you will find high-quality jackpot games and different betting options that are extremely fun and entertaining when you are a fan of gambling.