The digital format has its pros and cons, the most evident being in the second case, the withdrawal after a few years to the run out of a license, without the possibility of buying the game later. Physically, for example, when a product is discontinued, we can turn to the second-hand market.

This comes up with Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game, which as many will remember, Ubisoft removed it from the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Arcade in the month of December of the distant 2014. And as it was exclusively digital, there were many people who were left without playing it. But this could change very soon …

It only lasted four years in the digital market

The reason for dreaming comes from a tweet from Bryan Lee O’Malley, saying that Ubisoft has contacted him. It should be remembered that it is neither more nor less than the creator of Scott Pilgrim comics, which had a successful film adaptation in Scott Pilgrim Against the World. Hence his return sounds strongly.

Do not forget that Ubisoft’s beat ’em up came out only on PS3 and Xbox 360, where unfortunately it is not backward compatible with Xbox One. It is one of the most desired in that sense, so that surely falls on Xbox Series X .

Nor would his return to digital stores be so far-fetched knowing that Ducktales Remastered returned not long ago, although in that case his withdrawal was only seven months. If we go to a bigger case, we have Tales of Monkey Island, which disappeared in 2018 and returned a few days ago. Yes, two years hiatus.

The difference (more than likely) is that in this case, seeing that broader margin of years withdrawn from the digital market, Scott Pilgrim would sound strong for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam and Xbox One, in the absence of making the leap to its successors. Unless Ubisoft just bailed it out for PS3 and Xbox 360, which could be, too.

Why the Scott Pilgrim Game Should Return

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game had a remarkable reception when it went on sale in 2010, not only for adapting the movie of the moment in its own way (they were released the same year, by the way), but for that retro touch that suited him phenomenally well, like a hyper-vitaminized Double Dragon. Because he brought the goodness of the Kunio-kun (Saga before the success of Technos Japan, known in the West as River City Ransom and whose latest installment has been River City Girls), mixing history and action with a lot of replayability.

He knew how to solve, in turn, the difficult ballot that have certain adaptations from series or movies to the world of videogames. In this case, it was a success that it did not follow the script of the film or the comics, but a reinterpretation with certain freedoms, but without for that reason cease to be very familiar.

To this we had to add an extremely attractive aesthetic thanks to the designs of Paul robertson, very popular at the time with his ultra-detailed GIFs (his Instagram account is full of his designs and animations). All this gave shape to a game that took us back to the glory days of the classics “me against the neighborhood”, seasoned with nods to Super Mario Bros. 3 or Guitar Hero.

He didn’t have them all with him at launch, in any case. An online mode complementary to the local multiplayer for four, which took a whopping three years to arrive. And to top it off, paid in the form of DLC.

Will we end up seeing it complete in the current generation? Surely it won’t take long to find out. And it is not surprising if he is finally going to do it, not in vain Bryan himself asked for his return in May through Twitter.