These are all Battlefield 1 game modes and maps.

Battlefield 1 will be released on October 21 for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. As its release date approaches, we are learning more details. Today we have the full list of game modes. In addition, we must remember that in December a free map called Giant’s Shadow will be released, which will allow us to participate in the battle of Selle in 1918, where the trenches will be the real protagonists.



These are all Battlefield 1 game modes and maps

Participate in the last offensives of 1918 along the Meuse River. Here, the fierce fighting in the trenches gives way to a pristine beauty, still oblivious to hell. A huge French château, former headquarters of rearguard officers, is the scene of a battle with tanks and flamethrowers. The chandeliers tremble on the ceiling with the attacks of the US forces fighting for the last railway junction in the far reaches of this map.


These are all Battlefield 1 game modes and maps

The thicket of the Argonne Forest is the scene of some of the most brutal melee combat in Battlefield 1. The forest hides within it sinuous defensive frameworks camouflaged in a maze of bunkers and machine gun nests. Camouflaged field guns to fire at point-blank range, stormtroopers to gas bunkers, or greater prowess with pikes, all these will decide who rules in the bowels of the forest. The heroes will be those who survive the intensity of this specialized infantry map.


These are all Battlefield 1 game modes and maps

Participate in one of the first amphibious landings of the Great War, with which the British Empire fights to secure oil in the Al-Faw Peninsula. The majestic Ottoman fortress of Fao guards the entrance and will not fall for good. You will have to fight in marshes and dunes, over bridges and in shallow coves. The assault, in the end, will enter the old fortress. The fight for oil begins. You have to feed the battleship.


These are all Battlefield 1 game modes and maps

A fight for the most important supply line of the 1st World War. Although it seemed impossible, the Ottomans have crossed the Sinai desert and threaten the canal. Join the fight on the banks of the Grand Canal and strategically use the dunes. Fight in shallow defenses, with field guns or mortars, outside of Kantara and deep in the desert.


Overwhelming attack on the devastated battlefields of northern France. As part of the Kaiser’s offensive, the German army put all its efforts into trying to break through the British lines. Prepare to experience truly apocalyptic attacks as you fight your way through the trenches of The Wound of Saint Quentin. Be the first soldier to break through the fortified lines and storm the pristine town of Travecy, untouched by war…until now.

These are all Battlefield 1 game modes and maps


Engage in all-out war in the Sinai Desert, a suffocating battlefield located east of El-Jifar. From infantry skirmishes on the starry streets of the village of Bir el Mazar to dogfights atop the majestic cliffs, you’ll need to strategically use the dunes while engaging in explosive battles. When all hope is lost, reinforcements will arrive in the form of a mighty mobile colossus: a deadly armored train traversing the desert sands.


These are all Battlefield 1 game modes and maps

A confrontation charged with destruction in a majestic city. Fight in the streets and squares of the French city of Amiens during the German spring offensive. A battle between ruined alleys, a courthouse, several bridges and railways, where the British and Germans want to control the core of the city.


Participate in one of the last battles between the high peaks of the Venetian Alps. High above the clouds, a desperate struggle for control of the alpine forts is raging, testing even the most seasoned of soldiers. He uses the fort’s colossal cannons to impede the enemy advance up the mountain. High above, in their furious fight, the Austro-Hungarian Empire has the advantage, but the German army will not give up until it has retaken what is its own.


These are all Battlefield 1 game modes and maps

Along the Adriatic coast a fierce struggle for land and life is taking place. A rugged yet fortified coastline becomes the battlefield of an Empire under siege. What was once a beautiful Mediterranean seaside town has now been transformed by mechanized warfare, where waves and armored ships pound the remnants of the Great War over Italy.

Game modes


A timeless favorite for Battlefield players. Conquest is a large-scale game mode where up to 64 players can vie for control of key objectives. With large armies of infantry or at the command of fearsome Colossi, Conquest brings together all the elements of Battlefield’s all-out warfare.

These are all Battlefield 1 game modes and maps


Domination offers fast-paced combat designed for close-range infantry. It is a smaller, yet more focused version of Conquest, where the fight revolves around strategic objectives. Prepare the shotgun and sharpen the axe. In the Domination game mode, everything always happens in short distances.


Ops offers an epic journey across multiple maps based on actual battles from World War I. By adding this meta-layer to gameplay and extending it to multiple locations of interest with very different looks and playstyles, we’re adding a whole new scale and variety to Battlefield 1 battles. Your team can win on one map, move to next and see in the distance, on the horizon, the map on which you just fought.


In World War 1, communications and artillery were crucial. In Assault mode you will have both. In Assault, the attacking force must find and destroy the telegraph poles of the defenders, who in the meantime can use them to call in artillery strikes. Defenders will be able to push back attackers by disarming the explosives placed on them.

But if the posts are destroyed, the defenders will have to fall back to another sector. The attackers win the battle if they destroy all telegraph positions in all sectors. The defenders win if they manage to exhaust the attackers’ reinforcements or if at least one telegraph position remains intact when the timer runs out.


These are all Battlefield 1 game modes and maps

In the Great War, artificial communication systems were still rudimentary and unreliable. That is why they were used to send messages, especially dogs and pigeons. In War Pigeons mode, opposing sides compete to use homing pigeons to call in artillery volleys on the enemy.

When the game starts, the first pigeon will be located somewhere on the map. Find her before the enemy and take her to a safe location in the open field. There, he writes a message and sends it to request artillery support. After sending the message, artillery will rain down on the enemy.


In many ways, World War 1 changed the notion of how wars were fought, but the ultimate goal was still to inflict as much damage as possible to force the enemy to surrender. TCT: Team aims at the basic brutality of war; infantry units fighting each other to the death. Kill or die.

These are all Battlefield 1 game modes and maps

This mode pits your side against the enemy and you must defeat as many opponents as you can and make sure to protect yourself and your teammates. At regular intervals, a powerful elite class weapon will spawn somewhere on the map. Pick it up to gain an advantage in firepower. The side that inflicts the most casualties wins. If time runs out, the side that has eliminated the most enemies wins.