Mobile apps are an important source of income for businesses, because without apps, it can be said that a smartphone does not do much good. They are of all kinds, productivity games, and allow us to do things that until a few years ago were unimaginable. IOS users also benefit from extremely secure and much more refined applications than in the Android environment.

We recently learned what is the classification of these 10 apps that have been leaders in downloads during the last month of April. Was isolation noted when choosing one or the other? What do you think? Don’t worry, we’ve prepared this list with a ranking of the 10 most downloaded apps in the last month to analyze.

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These are the most downloaded apps of April 2020


Indeed, the effects of isolation have everyone would like to install Zoom, an app used for video conferencing that has been criticized for its alleged security flaws. Whether it’s to take an online course or just to see your friends, Zoom was the app with the most downloads on iOS.

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This Chinese app must be recognized: everyone wants to have it. Initially it was aimed at teenage audiences, who are those who popularized it. But all kinds of people have already joined Tok Tok fashion. The number of short videos made during the detention period helped us to be more entertaining.

Google Meet

Who hasn’t used Zoom has used Meet, a video conferencing app Google which works very well and gives good results. Easy to use and capable of maintaining smooth video calls, Google Meet served as a meeting platform between students and teachers, in addition to connecting family members.

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Microsoft teams

This Microsoft tool is a big unknown, but there is no doubt that it is an application that works very well in any environment and its mission is serve as a communication platform between people, either by chat, video or audio. While its appearance is obviously reminiscent of everything Microsoft does, the truth is, it performs just fine. In fact, we use the entire iPadizate team to communicate with each other.


Well, Netflix has its audience. The successful media content platform has seen a dramatic increase in downloads. We already know that “staying at home” means that ** we have to consume series and movies **. And in this, Netflix does it like no one else, because every month we get some interesting news.

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The application which combines social media and photography reaches the sixth position. Owned by Facebook, Instagram has never more shoot thanks to their stories and the good quality of the content that many users download. Since becoming available as a storefront, Instagram has continued to gain followers.


Who would have thought that YouTube would become what it is today when it went online in February 2005. Now it is much more than a place for home video entertainment. You can find everything and users downloaded this app in April for. efficiently, entertain and learn.


It seems amazing that you are still not using Telegram. Far superior to WhatsApp, it was widely downloaded in Spain In response to the limitation of the transmission of messages on WhatsApp, which some have taken as a kind of censorship. Out of the controversy, this is an insanely good messaging app.

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Facebook ranks ninth. For us, this is an app that is only worth it if you are addicted to social media. Full of functions but very heavy, it is capable of eat your device’s battery if you use it often. But he held this position and we have to mention it. It would be nice to lose some weight, because each update makes several hundred goals.


Google Classroom is a virtual classroom used to keep teachers in touch with students and to submit assignments and tests. It works great and is very easy to use. Its rise is a consequence of the need to take classes at home, if you have school-aged children you probably know that.

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