These Hungarian sports organizations have already launched an e-sports department.

More and more people are paying attention to the e-sports phenomenon at home, which does not leave the leaders of professional sports organizations cold either. We have compiled the largest e-sports divisions announced so far.

The epoch-making “whether sport is e-sport” debate may never get a real answer, but the fact is that it has become irrelevant today, at least in Hungary. More and more historical sports organizations are taking e-sports seriously, and a bright example of this is the Lenovo Legion Defense Esport Academy, which has been waiting for fresh talent since its opening in late January.

These Hungarian sports organizations have already launched an e-sports department

Budapest Honvéd Sports Association

The Lenovo Legion Honvéd Esport Academy was established thanks to the joint work of the Budapest Honvéd Sports Association and the Lenovo Legion. The goal was to create an environment for the e-athletes of the future that could be perfect for training, forging new teams, and nurturing real talent. The latter is important only because the Honvéd does not only serve as a training hall: the historical sports association will also have its own e-sports team, to which only the best will be invited. Anyone can go into the arenas of the Honvéd to practice, and whoever performs in front of the coaches will have a chance to appear in the biggest game competitions wearing the well-known jersey. The stated goal of Lenovo and the Honvéd Sports Association was to provide players with a vision in addition to a flawless environment. You have to work for success, but anyone who takes it seriously can find the beginning of a nice career behind the arena keyboards.


MTK is also one of the Hungarian teams that actively supports the careers of future e-athletes and even. We owe one of the oldest teams in the country to one of the oldest teams of its kind, at least among the official sports associations. They set up their FIFA-focused team last September and are actively working to build a system that suits all future competitors. Here, too, the goal is to nurture the players of the future and nurture talent, not just in EA’s sports game. They will add more titles to the repertoire later, and if all goes according to plan, the New Hidegkuti Nándor Stadium will host their own competitions.

These Hungarian sports organizations have already launched an e-sports department


The Diósgyőr VTK didn’t want to miss the party either, so the red and white team also set up their own e-sports department, which they refer to as the e-department. They also aim to help future e-athletes and sports game lovers with excellent equipment and background support. In the first round, they are also open with FIFA, but they are planning to expand under the leadership of Zoltán Telegdy (who has been organizing video game communities in Miskolc for almost 20 years). Over time, they want a team in FIFA, basketball and hockey games.


The University Athletics Club of Debrecen has launched perhaps the largest e-sports program ever called DEAC-Hackers. The sports association of the University of Debrecen deals with 11 games: League of Legends, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, StarCraft II, CS: GO. DOTA 2, Hearthstone, PUBG, Overwatch, Rainbow Six: Siege, FIFA. In each game, a separate expert helps with training, they work actively on team building. DEAC launches teams in several age groups and can apply online, even as a high school student.

These Hungarian sports organizations have already launched an e-sports department


Of course, the Újpest Gymnastics Association could not be left out of the e-sports fever, which was visited by the young people of Újpest themselves with such an idea. István Őze, the club director of UTE, and Pál Zsigmond Barna, the mayor of Újpest, were ready to serve the guys, who are now competing in the purple-white jersey on the FIFA ladder. UTE, like the others, has also opened their e-sports division with virtual football, but they are also open to expansion.

For the time being, it is clear that professional sports organizations are mostly concerned with sports games, but this is neither very surprising nor a problem. FIFA e-sports has always had a place in Hungary, since WCG times. Later, they will be expanded with more games, more tournaments and more teams. These are just the first steps that bigger ones will follow. The only question is, are you competing?

These Hungarian sports organizations have already launched an e-sports department