Certainly, even after several years without his presentations, many will not have forgotten the presence of Steve Jobs in each of the Apple keynotes in which he was present. Apple’s historic CEO was known as one of the most skilled men in business, and it was obvious every time I go on stage. And this is in part due to the great attention he paid to every detail, from the speech to the images that appeared on the screen.

Specifically today, we’ll be talking about the latter, specifically a slide Jobs used to talk about Apple’s philosophy, its DNA, of what he has done and makes the company unique. For him, the company was not just looking to take big technological steps, because it made no sense. Apple’s goal was and is to blend technology with the liberal arts, with the humanities, to create truly revolutionary products and services.

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So when he appeared in one of his last presentations, many didn’t give the screen a special emphasis, which is quite normal considering how surprised we were all with the speeches. by Steve Jobs. But even then every detail had been thought of, at the numbers of this intersection sign which he used to represent Apple’s goal. Some numbers that belong to a real intersection of a few streets in San Francisco.

Apple has always been known for its liberal philosophy, which has led to everything it has accomplished since its inception. And this philosophy is largely due to Jobs himself, who was known to be a hippie in his youth. With that, it’s no surprise that the intersection the poster refers to is that between Ashbury and Haight streets, one of the most important places in the history of the hippie movement.

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This little anecdote, which we owe to smart Twitter users like Matt Baker, teaches us that while it has been almost nine years since his death, Steve Jobs continues to surprise us. And with every surprise, we still remember what he did to make Apple what it is today, the company that creates these products that are an integral part of our daily lives.

Source: Techradar