These were the best games of 2020 in your opinion.

This year, too, your voices have decided on the order, as they have always done in recent years.

It’s hard to evaluate 2020, not just in terms of video games alone. We did an experiment, here you can read our editorial opinion on the best games of the year, and of course we also counted the biggest disappointments. But what is the value of the year worth if the esteemed audience is not given a say?

These were the best games of 2020 in your opinion

This time, we put candidates in 16 categories – including the biggest disappointment and the best game – to the vote, and since we couldn’t be sure I agreed with our candidates, we gave us the opportunity to even support a game we wouldn’t have chosen to be at the forefront. . It would be beachless to have a debate about taste anyway, I think we might all agree on that.

It is a special pleasure that despite the Christmas activities (such as baking and cooking, cleaning, decorating wood, feasting and giving gifts, possibly visiting relatives), you took a lot of time (nearly 4,000 voters) to name your favorites and make the final order.

These were the best games of 2020 in your opinion

Best FPS / action game

Last year, we first merged the categories of inside-view shooters and standard action games into a single common set, and then Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which can also be interpreted as a reboot, triumphed. There was also a chance of getting the gold medal around the neck of a CoD again, but Black Ops Cold War had to get in with the silver, and it really took a little, just 0.8 percentage points to maintain its position ahead of Half-Life: Alyx. While we loved both, based on the number of votes, Hades and Nioh 2 couldn’t get close to the podium, and they couldn’t even dream of squeezing the category confidently, winning 45.1 percent support. Doom Eternalt, which tore apart its rivals with its bare hands, just like Doom Slayer demons of hell.

Best action adventure

If there is a genre of which Sony is the uncrowned king, it is arguably that of action-adventure games. In 2020, in addition, two heavyweight competitors were sent to the ring by the rookie Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part II in the form of. We calculated in advance that the priority of the category would depend on the duel between the emotionally enduring but fan-sharing post-apocalyptic revenge drama and the samurai adventure, which draws a lot from Assassin’s Creeds, and we didn’t have to be wrong. Eventually, the better-known brand prevailed, but the chronicle of the Mongol invasion shouldn’t be ashamed either. In addition to the two of them, the Ori and the Will of the Wisps also got there with nose lengths – just a few votes – ahead of Immortals Fenys Rising and nicely outperforming Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

These were the best games of 2020 in your opinion

Best role-playing / action role-playing game

They had a choice of players who enjoyed complex character development, large-scale and diverse storytelling, and exploring exciting fantasy worlds. Wasteland 3, which evokes classic Fallouts (2.7%), proved that Microsoft did a good deal with the acquisition of inXile, and seeing Final Fantasy VII Remake (7.3%), no one can doubt that it makes sense to revive the old stories, and the same can be said for the completely revamped Demon’s Souls (13.7%). The Viking garnish of the increasingly role-playing Assassin’s Creed won the favor of many, with Valhalla (27.1%) finishing in second place. Eivor’s adventure, however, couldn’t grip him either, benefiting a lot from Keanu Reeves ’portrayal Cyberpunk 2077which easily swept half the votes. SamaGame readers, despite all its flaws, seem to love the game and are confident that over time it will shine the way it should have on the day it was released.

Best coop / multiplayer

Traditionally, shooters have enjoyed the most popularity among gamers pursuing multiplayer experiences, and this year, too, an FPS took pride on the battle royale genre’s alarmingly fast-paced train just in time. Call of Duty: Warzone (35%), however, quite different types of works were made to a crowded fan base in quarantine. Over time, you replaced the funny mass scenes of Fall Guys (20.9%) that exploded in the summer with intrigue and back stabbing, but the Animal, which had already appeared but only entered the public consciousness last year, received some love from you. Crossing: New Horizons (9.1%). Compared to Warzone, relatively few have rated Valorant’s innovations (4.2%), but its support is still outstanding compared to this year’s Hyper Scape, which no one thought of. Well, that’s why we left him out of the candidates.

These were the best games of 2020 in your opinion

Best strategy / tycoon game

It has been a much worse year for players who have repeatedly subjugated the world from the safety of their armchairs, who in recent months have experienced a satisfying feeling when their troops are reinforced by diesel-powered pedestrians with retrofuturistic designs on Iron Harvest’s battlefield and destroyed transferred free of charge to The Total War Saga: Troy. Although both gave us a reason to love it, they couldn’t get involved in the medalist struggle, which took place between three quite different creations. Gears Tactics, which finished in third place, drew and improved the catches of modern XCOMs, while the second Desperados III perfected the recipe for a genre traceable to the Commandos series, while Crusader Kings III by combining role-playing elements with the carefully polished style notes of the grand strategy games, he has earned our recognition, your admiration, and last but not least, the crown he deserves.

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These were the best games of 2020 in your opinion