As of November 19, we will be able to enjoy PS5, Sony’s new console and from which you can already read its in-depth analysis. One of the most important features of the console is its backward compatibility with PS4, which will allow us to enjoy many of the works that have accompanied us in recent years. Thanks to colleagues at Digital Foundry, we have been able to see how well this function performs.

As it cannot be otherwise, the comparison with the competition is necessary. Xbox Series X is backward compatible with all titles in the Microsoft family and has been postulated as a compelling reason to acquire the console. From Digital Foundry they highlight that the improvement between PS5 and PS4 Pro is greater than that between Series and Xbox One X.

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PS5 obtains the same result regarding Xbox Series X with its backward compatible titles, as long as they have the option to unlock 30 fps. In addition, the noticeable improvement in CPU performance allows 60fps to be stable at all times.

The number of titles that have been tested for comparisons has been extensive. Some of the most interesting results are produced by works such as Rise of the Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy XV, Dark Souls III or Hitman, reaching sixty frames per second totally stable.

When it comes to the GPU, the differences with the current generation of consoles is notable. PS4 Pro had 4.2TF, while PS5 reaches 10.3TF, which ends up translating into fewer pixels to render and a performance increase greater than that achieved in Series X. In the case of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, it runs at 60fps on PS5 and between 50 and 60fps on Xbox Series X.

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Not all are advantages

From Digital Foundry they insist that the backward compatibility complies with what is expected, although does not get rid of some disadvantages compared to Series X. There is no option other than Xbox Auto HDR or the 16X upgrade in anisotropic filtering in supported games. The posters with notices have come to appear on the screen, as with Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition and Doom Eternal, although in both cases they have not caused problems.

The two consoles suffer from some limitations. Works that reach their performance target on PS4 do not improve their stats on PS5. A specific patch will be needed to improve the frame rate, so a game that already ran at 30fps in this generation, the figure will not increase without its relevant update. A crystal clear example of this is Bloodborne, which does not reach 60fps and still has its problems with frame-pacing in the new generation.

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Other exclusive Sony works do are already receiving patches to improve their performance on the new machine. Ghost of Tsushima or Days Gone reach and stay at 60fps with complete peace of mind. In spite of everything, the best thing is that you check the results for yourself through the video that you have here below.

Source : Gadgetsnow