The development and creation of the original iPhone was a difficult task that involved many employees of the company, but without a doubt one of the most important was Scott Forstall. From the iPhone’s launch until 2013, Forstall was the iOS development manager and Jobs’ right-hand man in all matters relating to the Apple phone.

however, in 2013 he left the company after the failure of some of his last decisions, like the controversial Apple Maps premature launch or its commitment to skeletonization in iOS, the next big update after its release was iOS 7 with the big design change underway.

Now the former Apple executive and iOS boss attended the weekly event Code break unveiled some interesting questions about how Steve Jobs hired him personally. It’s quite interesting because Forstall has rarely made public appearances since leaving Apple and has spoken about his experiences at times.

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Steve Jobs wanted him on his team

In the presentation, the former Apple executive began by telling his story since he was a child and the hardships his family went through growing up. They lived in a tent and they had a lot of financial difficultiesBut Forstall stressed the importance of education during this time.

After graduating, Forstall had scheduled two job interviews, one with Microsoft and one with NeXT, the company Steve Jobs founded when he was fired from Apple. The NeXT interviews were intense and exhaustive, more than 17 people participated and you had to go through different rounds in a whole day. However Forstall was lucky, in the first interview, It took Steve Jobs about 10 minutes to enter the room., pick up the interviewer and take him to the hallway where they both had a very heated discussion. Shortly after, the door opened again, but the interviewer did not return, Steve appeared again and personally conducted the interview.

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Scott Forstall

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According to Forstall’s details, they were talking about 15 minutes of design, philosophy, and stuff, and Jobs ended the interview by admitting to Forstall that, Regardless of what anyone else might say, he was going to work for NeXT and he was going to take his offer.. Apple’s co-founder told him to continue with the remaining rounds of interviews and at least show some interest in them.

After the day was over, Forstall canceled his interview with Microsoft, despite Microsoft’s insistence on hiring him. After the takeover of NeXT by Apple and the return of Jobs, Scott joined Apple where he worked with Steve Jobs for 20 years. before leaving the company in 2013. You can see the full interview in the video we leave for you below, the part in which Forstall shares his experience of joining NeXT and Apple is 34 minutes.

Source: Techradar