Many users wonder how smartphones that have a dual camera work, because in the end they do not take 3D images or anything like that, so we are going to take advantage of the fact that the manufacturer Bluboo has published a video showing the operation of the dual camera of its Bluboo Dual terminal to tell you.

In the case of this manufacturer’s terminal that we take as an example, it equips a 13 Mpx Sony IMX135 sensor and an additional 2 Mpx secondary sensor on the rear of the terminal. Both sensors actually make up the same camera (since technically they are not two cameras but two sensors). The operation of the double camera is as follows: the main sensor captures the static image that we are taking, while the secondary sensor is in charge of capturing information about the depth. It’s the phone’s software that puts all the information together in the photo we ultimately see, resulting in images that are sharper where we focus.

This is how the double camera of the Bluboo Dual smartphone works

In the video that you will be able to see below, Bluboo uses his Dual smartphone to also show all the options it provides us, although it is true that he does so using the 8 Mpx front camera more than the rear (although also when doing the pastel photography). The software allows, in addition to introducing the usual filters, to create effects in real time such as narrowing the face, whitening the skin or enlarging the eyes.

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Below you have the video where you can see all the options they use as an example.

If you pay attention, the manufacturer also shows us both the ability to capture the depth of field of the double rear camera, as well as the benefits of its dual-tone flash. Thus, there is a clear example with the cake when you take the image with and without flash, showing a huge contrast between one and the other and that the environment where the person is taking the photos is quite well lit (it looks like a Starbucks-type cafeteria). When taking pictures with flash, the double camera is capable of taking greater nuances in the colors, and if you pay attention, although the focus of the image is precisely the cake, what is behind it continues to be clear.

By the way, if you want to get one of these Bluboo Dual that we have already told you about before because it seems to us to be one of the most interesting terminals at the moment, you can do it for a very interesting price in the online store where in Right now they have an offer whereby using the discount coupon IGBD30 the terminal stays for just over 104 euros with shipping included, a more than attractive price for a terminal with these characteristics, really.

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Keep in mind, however, that the terminal is still in pre-sale and shipments will not begin until December 28, so it is difficult for you to have it at home in time even for Christmas Eve.