What is the 9 euro ticket?

With the 9-euro ticket, the federal government wants to relieve the burden on citizens who currently have higher expenses for fuel and electricity due to high energy prices. Interested parties should also be able to try out public transport at low cost so that they may use it more often in the future.

The ticket is planned for three months and should be valid for one month at a time. It should be available from June to August 2022 and is always valid from the first to the last day of the month. This also means that you can buy the ticket in the last week of June, but it will be canceled at the end of the month. Alternatively, you can also buy tickets for all three months directly for 27 euros and are therefore very flexible, while the flexibility of the ticket has its limits:

You can only use it in local and regional transport. It is not valid for long-distance trains, so you can travel from Munich to Sylt, for example, but only with the slow RBs and many changes.

Deutsche Bahn and the Apple Wallet

After the sale started last Monday and Deutsche Bahn was able to report more than one million tickets sold, the question still remains as to how you can transfer the ticket to your wallet app for quick access. There is bad news, however:

Although Deutsche Bahn has been using the official Bahn app to secure tickets in the wallet for a long time, this currently does not work for the 9-euro ticket. Users of weekly, monthly and annual tickets have always known this problem, so this will not change for the current campaign either. According to a tweet from Deutsche Bahn, only flexible prices (NV and FV) including a city ticket, saver fares (NV and FV) including a city ticket can currently be loaded into the Apple wallet on the go. It is explicitly emphasized that the 9-euro ticket is not one of them. Incidentally, this also seems to apply to Deutsche Bahn’s official “9-Euro-Ticket” app. Fortunately, however, there are alternative ways to do this.

If you bought the 9-euro ticket directly from Deutsche Bahn, you can try to use the “Pass2U-Wallet” app and transfer the ticket over it. The app usually allows this for loyalty cards, membership cards, award cards, coupons, stamp cards, movie tickets, boarding passes, business cards, ID cards, community cards, gift cards, event tickets, transportation tickets, receipts, and many more.

Transport companies offer purchase of 9-euro ticket and wallet integration

While Deutsche Bahn is struggling with implementation and wallet integration, a few transport companies are showing that you can purchase the 9-euro ticket via the app and store it in your wallet. However, not all regional transport associations offer their own app and still few offer support for Apple’s wallet app. We can therefore recommend that you use the Berlin BVG app. This ensures that you can both buy the 9-euro ticket and save it in the wallet for quick access. Since it’s valid nationwide and you don’t have to be a Berliner to use the app, it’s one of the simpler solutions.

To buy the ticket, first download the BVG app from the App Store and then open the “Time tickets” option under the ticket offers. There you select “Monthly ticket 9-Euro-Ticket”. You can then pay for it easily and conveniently via PayPal or Apple Pay. A BVG account is not necessary for this. After the successful purchase you will find the ticket in the “Ticket Storage” tab. Open it and tap the three dots button. Now select the option “Add to Apple Wallet”. You can then call up your 9-euro ticket directly from the lock screen via the wallet.