This is the collection of PS4 games that are backward compatible with the launch PS5

This Playstation 5 collection of Playstation 4 games is already being talked about as Sony’s answer to Microsoft’s Game Pass. It is still a bit risky to define the collection that way. First, because the number of games is much less than on the Xbox analog. And second, because it is not known if this library of 18 games (all emblematic and of great quality, yes) will increase over time, which is what would really stand up to Xbox in that sense.

Sony has also not clarified tonight if the games will be available to all Plus subscribers or will have to pay an extra supplement. What is known is that They will be from the launch day of the console, that is, on November 19 in Spain (12 in the United States and Japan). This mode also opens up questions about the backward compatibility of Playstation 5: it is known that the console will be backward compatible with most PS4 games (not with those of previous iterations of the console), but … will it be restricted to only one model subscription?

These are the games included in Collection:

PS4, PS5