For a long time it has been rumored that Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X console was not alone, that the company was preparing a more modest version in specifications and especially in price, Xbox Series X. Now these rumors make more and more sense, since The brand has confirmed the price and design of the Xbox Series S and a new leak lets us see its presentation date, along with that of the Xbox Series X.

The idea behind having two consoles released at the same time and with different specifications and prices is to reach a broader market of users. This is not something new, in fact we already saw it in previous iterations with the Xbox One X and the Xbox One S. In this case, Microsoft has spoken at length about the Xbox Series X, but not about the S version, He has appeared numerous times under the codename Lockhart.

But this is over, a new leak by Brad Sams at Thurrott allowed us to see the final appearance that Microsoft’s cheapest console will have. Xbox Series S is considerably smaller than Xbox Series X, it comes in white and has a huge ventilation system. Something that the brand itself has confirmed hours later from your Twitter account.

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Xbox Series S | Next-gen performance in the ˢᵐᵃˡˡᵉˢᵗ Xbox ever. $ 299 (ERP).

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– Xbox (@Xbox) September 8, 2020

Its big draw is of course the price, which is expected to be $ 299 as Windows Central has learned. This price will surely vary slightly with the change to euros or other currencies. Likewise, they indicate that Microsoft will allow financing it through Xbox All Access for $ 25 per month.

In a video posted by @ h0x0d on Twitter we can also see how its size is compared to the Xbox Series X in what looks like the official trailer. In the animation you can see that it is slightly shorter but mostly only half as thick. Previous rumors indicated that he would reduce his size by half in height, it has not been like that.

no point holding this back now I guess

– WalkingCat (@ h0x0d) September 8, 2020

Unfortunately there are not many details about the specifications internal of this smaller Microsoft console, but in this trailer we already see some that look to be official (without being confirmed). In the video it is seen that it would include a 512 GB SSD and would support DirectX RayTracing in addition to upscaling to 4K for games and streaming in this resolution (and it will be necessary to see what that low latency remains).

Most likely, it comes with features that put it a notch below the Xbox Series X, which is expected to be a full-blown beast. In any case, ideal for video games that do not require particularly powerful graphics or for example for remasters and games that accept backward compatibility.

A console like this makes a lot of sense in Microsoft’s strategy. Yes OK probably can’t handle next-gen games at 4K resolution, yes you could move them to 1080p for example. But above all the important thing here is that it gives access to more potential customers who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Series X release date and price

The news are not only in the Xbox Series S, but also in the long-awaited Xbox series x. Of the few things that Microsoft has not revealed yet are the final price and its release date. It was known that it would be ready for the Christmas campaign and it was known that its price would be around 500 dollars / euros. That’s how it will be, according to Windows Central.

It is expected that the Xbox Series X arrives for $ 499 to the United States, also allowing financing through Xbox All Access for $ 35 per month. Both the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S could debut next November 10. All these details however have not been confirmed by Microsoft, so we will have to wait to see if they really are. if anything, it is Sony’s turn now.