This is the new Apple Watch Series 4, focused on health and a larger screen.

As expected, one of the star dishes of this Keynote was undoubtedly the new Apple Watch Series 4. Since the arrival of the Watch in 2015, it has undoubtedly become one of the essential devices, both for work, sports… Today , at the 2018 Keynote held at the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park, just a few minutes ago, we have finally been able to put the rumors behind us, after 12 long months of waiting. This is the Apple Watch Series 4 of 2018.

Design focused on a screen increase and new clock sizes

They were undoubtedly one of the most talked about rumors for months, and one of the novelties that we all expected for the Series 4. The new watch has an extended screen, 32% in the small model and 35% in the largest, almost without Borders. Hand in hand with this, comes a better screen resolution of 384 x 480. With this greater width, we have many more options to display more covers on the screen, which we can modify to our liking (weather, app emoticons, etc. ) In addition, the edges of the clock are rounder, to take more advantage of the screen, as happened with the iPhone X.

This is the new Apple Watch Series 4, focused on health and a larger screen

All this accompanied by new spheres, and with an option that had been waiting for a long time, the possibility of redesigning spheres.

The two new sizes of the new Watch are 40 mm and 44 mm, being 2 mm larger compared to previous generations. Finally, the shape is still square, clearing up the rumors that there were rumors that Cupertino would bet on the circular shape. In addition, with this we can also see that the image with which Apple presented this Keynote under the slogan “Gather round” referred to the circular shape of Apple Park, and not to the design of the clock or a camera.

This is the new Apple Watch Series 4, focused on health and a larger screen

New processor twice as fast as the new Series 4

Apple’s new device has taken a huge leap, starting to have a 64-bit dual core processor with twice the speed of the previous ones. A real beast. Undoubtedly a madness that debuts in the universe of Apple watches, to continue being the king of the Watch, something that stood out as soon as the presentation began.

News in the health section, allowing electrocardiograms to be performed thanks to the new sensor

Apart from this there are other equally important developments. The health sensors have been improved, as well as the heart sensors. Another of the new features and new bets from Apple, in the new Series 4, is the possibility of differentiating if we have a fall, slip or blow with the Watch, to automatically notify the emergency services, as long as we do not respond in a minute. All this thanks to the new sensor.

This is the new Apple Watch Series 4, focused on health and a larger screen

One of the new bets of those from Cupertino, in this new Apple Watch, is the possibility of performing electrocardiograms. Being the first device capable of doing this. And also in a simple and comfortable way. The results of this electrocardiogram can be printed or archived in documents.

LTE in Spain. Apple Watch Series 4 pricing and availability

One of the most anticipated novelties, since it came out in other countries, was that we had LTE in Spain. Today it is finally a reality. With the operators Orange and Vodafone. The new Apple Watch Series 4 will be available on September 21, with reservations available from next Friday the 14th. The Apple Watch Series 4 can be obtained from 429 Euros for the version without LTE and 529 with LTE connectivity in both cases for the version of 40mm.

This is the new Apple Watch Series 4, focused on health and a larger screen

In addition, the new Apple Watch has several other functions and it should be noted that the Series 3 straps are compatible with it. A very interesting novelty from Apple.