this is the new workspace integrated with GMail, Docs and Meet for companies.

Google just announced Google Workspace, its new collaboration platform for small and large companies that comes to replace and unify G Suite. It is a workspace for professional users that integrates all Google services, namely Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs and Meet. In this way, workers and users can access all types of documents or content from the same place.

This is the materialization of the announcement that Google made in mid-July that it can start to be used from today. Along with the launch, Google has taken the opportunity to announce a new brand image, as well as new pricing plans adapted to the needs of each company based on the number of employees. Next we are going to review all the news.

this is the new workspace integrated with GMail, Docs and Meet for companies

Google’s integrated workspace

As explained from Google, Workspace offers a user experience that “brings together the nuclear communication and collaboration tools, such as chat, email, voice, video call and content management, in a single experience. “It is, in a way, an evolution of G Suite whose objective is to optimize workflows and avoid having to jump from one tool to another all the time.

The news are summarized in four points: link previews, smart chips in Docs, Shets and Slides, document creation in rooms and PiP (Picture in Picture) mode for Google Meet in Docs, Sheets and Slides. Except for creating documents in rooms and PiP mode, all the news will be available from today.

this is the new workspace integrated with GMail, Docs and Meet for companies

With the link previewWhen we are working on a document, users will be able to see what content is linked without having to leave said document. For example, if we are working on a Doc and we link a Slides presentation, we can see what presentation it is and even consult the slides in a small pop-up.

Regarding the smart chips, its operation is the most interesting. If we are working on a file and we mention someone, a pop-up will be displayed with contextual information and suggested actions, such as sharing the document with them. We can also see a file of the person with their photo, their email, etc., even if they are from outside our organization.

this is the new workspace integrated with GMail, Docs and Meet for companies

So we go to Google Meet PiP mode. This mode works in Docs, Sheets, and Slides and basically allows you to start a video call with people who are working on a document through Meet, only instead of launching Meet in another window, the video call will pop up. up on the document. That way, the team can react to suggestions in real time, interact more quickly, and collaborate “in person.”

Finally, the document creation in rooms, which will arrive over the next few weeks. Google Workspace will allow you to create a shared document directly from a room in Chats. Thus, if the team is talking about something worth writing down, instead of having to exit the chat, open a window and create the doc, we can do it with the press of a button directly from the chat window. The doc will be created and we can work on it without leaving the conversation.

this is the new workspace integrated with GMail, Docs and Meet for companies

There are also news related to security

Google has also announced news for administrators of workspaces using Workspace. On the one hand, next week they will launch the general data protection reports, a feature that allows you to create reports so that admins can better understand how their company information is stored.

They will also make it easier to know if an external app meets the verification requirements to access Google Workspace. Those apps that do it will be marked as “Verified by Google”, a title that will appear in the administrator’s control panel and that will allow you to make decisions, quickly, such as restricting access to data to those who are not.

The new pricing plans

As we indicated previously, Google Workspace arrives accompanied by some new pricing plans for small and large companies. For small businesses (those with less than 300 employees) the plans are as follows:

this is the new workspace integrated with GMail, Docs and Meet for companies
  • Business starter: 5.20 euros per user, includes personalized mail.
  • Business Standard: 10.40 euros per user, includes more capacity for video calls and more storage.
  • Business Plus: 15.60 euros per user, includes access to tools such as Vault and MDM (Mobile Device Management).

The largest companies have their own offer and from Google they invite you to contact their sales department to find out the Enterprise editions pricing. For teams and departments that want to use Workspace, Google offers a $ 8 per user plan that includes video conferencing and collaboration tools. They emphasize that neither the mail nor the current calendar systems will need to be replaced.

And what happens to those users who are already customers? So far nothing. From Google they explain that these changes will not impact current contracts and that the existing G Suite licenses will continue to work as before until there is a transition. Those companies that are not ready to switch to Workspace will receive more information in the coming months. Finally, it should be noted that Google Workspace will also reach education and non-profit clients