This is the price of each iPhone adjusted today

This is the price of each iPhone adjusted today

If there is something that has always focused criticism on the iPhone, regardless of the model, is the price. Since its release, the iPhone has established itself as a high-end device and the price has always been high.

Throughout the 11-year history of the iPhone, the price has not stopped rising. However sales are not either, so the strategy has not been so bad for Apple.

Price of all iPhones adjusted for inflation

Keep in mind that to compare the prices of a device, whatever it is, it is need to take inflation into account. That is to say, what has changed the value of a currency, in this case the dollar, in all this time.

A reddit user has compiled a table comparing all the prices that the iPhone has had adjusting them to today. What is the cheapest iPhone? And the most expensive? There are some surprises.

This is the price of each iPhone adjusted today

As we can see in the graph, eThe cheapest iPhone that Apple has sold has been the iPhone SE, a cost of $ 395 adjusted today. The most expensive, how could it be otherwise, is the iPhone XS Max at its current price.

Besides this, there are some interesting facts that can be gleaned. For example, it turns out that the iPhone XR is not as expensive as it may sound. Adjusting prices it ranks below all the Plus models that Apple has launched, despite having a larger screen.

In summary, it can be seen that, removing the original iPhone, all iPhones sold by Apple up to iPhone 8 have maintained a price close to $ 700. The iPhone Plus have approached 800, so the price of the iPhone XR is perfectly situated between the two devices it replaces.

This is the price of each iPhone adjusted today

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The price of the iPhone it has not raised practically anything in the last few years until the iPhone X appeared. From there the graph rises above 1,000 dollars.

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