the IPhone SE reservations (2020) They were opened last Friday and since then interested users can book the terminal. The official delivery date is this Friday, March 24, although it is very possible that some will be made in advance. As usual at launch, it’s interesting to see the delivery dates as the days go by. This way we can get a feel for the popularity of a product.

Deliveries at the end of April in Spain, at the beginning of May in the USA

With the opening of reservations for the iPhone SE, Apple is opening the iPhone ban in 2020. A terminal that is much more than the heart of an iPhone 11 in an iPhone 8 chassis. At the time of writing this article, wait time for iPhone SE They are as follows on the Spanish website:

  • Virgin iPhone SE, all capacities: from April 29 to May 7.
  • iPhone SE in black, all capacities: April 29 to May 7.
  • iPhone SE in red, all capacities: from April 29 to May 7.
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In other words, the three capacities of 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB have the same estimated date. For the United States, deliveries are slightly later. All colors and models are delivered from May 6 to 13.

Screenshot 2020 04 20 to 13 29 28Screenshot 2020 04 20 to 13 29 28

On the French site, 64 GB models are delivered in one to two weeks. 128GB red color too, the rest of the options are estimated in 5-7 days. As for Germany, we find models which will be sent next week and others in early May.

A terminal that again lowers the barrier to access the iPhone

iPhone se 2016iPhone se 2016

With each new generation of iPhone, Apple drastically reduces the price of the previous two. So a user can get their hands on a relatively modern iPhone at a more affordable price that when it came out. Combined with additional discounts and Black Friday or Christmas campaigns, they become quite attractive.

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The iPhone SE mixes a strategy that delves into affordability and adds modern key elements. We’ve already detailed how the iPhone SE compares to its two immediate predecessors, as well as the closest Android competition. And it is the terminal which for the moment offers better value for money.

IPhone SE was the Remove iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus as entry terminals into the ecosystem. At least on the official site, because in others we can find these two models and even the older ones with a larger discount.

The original iPhone SE debuted in March 2016 and was on sale until September 2018. Since then, the company had no terminal to support the latest generation (except for their sporadic return). With this new iPhone SE (2020), Apple is once again fighting a mid-range battle with cutting-edge specs.

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It was not until the shareholders’ conference that Tim Cook and his team revealed information on their development in the market. It will be interesting to see how does this affect a launch It can only be purchased online and not in a physical store.

Source: Appleinsider