Although folding smartphones have so far shown more drawbacks than advantages, it is still a technology that is “green”, and which still lacks time to have a representative presence in the market.

As for Apple, it is usually never the first to embrace changes such as folding devices. The policy followed by the Cupertino regarding “If you can’t make it perfect, don’t do it (yet)” has done that many criticize them for not incorporating into their devices technologies and functions that other manufacturers had already used several generations before.

This leads us to the assumption that there are still a few generations to go until we see a foldable iPhone, however, The network of networks does not hesitate to enlighten us when it comes to imagining what an Apple device of this style would be like. On this occasion, its designer is a well-known creator of conceptual devices on YouTube called the Hacker 34, who has decided to add up all the rumors regarding a folding iPhone that he has found on the internet and make them come true in a video that he has shared on his channel.

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What it shows us is possibly what we would all imagine as the foldable iPhone, a kind of double structure formed by something like two joined iPhones.

Following what Samsung has done with its Fold 2, This foldable iPhone could well pass for a conventional smartphone if it does not open, with a 6.3-inch screen that when unfolded gives way to an internal screen in almost square format of 7.8 inches, very close to the screen size currently mounted on the iPad Mini.

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As a detail to highlight, the designer has imagined this concept compatible with Apple Pencil, which would make sense given the nature of the device. On the other hand, in the area of ​​components, a 3-camera system with LiDar, a front camera hidden in the frame or under the screen and an A14 processor As the heart of this terminal are details that, if Apple will present a device like this today, we surely took for granted that it is (removing the front camera hidden in the screen) what we hope will mount the new iPhone 12 Pro.

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What do you think of folding smartphones? Do they have a future? Do they have it within Apple? Feel free to share your opinion with us in the comments and on social media.

Source : Techradar