This is what the PlayStation 4.5 (4K) will offer us.

One of the news that has had the most impact on the console community is the fact that Sony is working on a more powerful version of its current PlayStation 4 that, theoretically, will be designed to offer Ultra HD / 4K resolution (already called by the PlayStation 4.5 community). In this article we are going to tell you everything that is known to date and, of course, an assessment of what the supposed PlayStation 4.5 can offer us if it finally becomes a reality.

We will start by saying that the Digital Foundry team has confirmed that Sony already has prototypes of this console ready for 4K resolution (so today it is much more than just a rumor) although keep in mind that this does not mean that it will finally to see the light That Sony updates its first version of the PS4 is nothing new since in the previous model (PS3) we could find at least three versions in addition to the special editions (PS3 Fat, PS3 Slim and PS3 Super Slim).

This is what the PlayStation 4.5 (4K) will offer us

This is what the PlayStation 4.5 will offer

For starters, more powerful hardware. This means much better performance in games at “normal” Full HD resolution, so we could be facing a console capable of moving current games to native Full HD resolution and the long-awaited 60 FPS that the current PS4 is not capable of providing. . On the other hand, and although the aim of the console would be Gaming in 4K resolution, it would also be ideal for moving the PlayStation VR virtual reality system without the need for an external GPU.

In summary, what the PlayStation 4.5 would offer us would be Gaming at 1080p and 60 FPS fluid, a system capable of moving the PlayStation VR system and, of course, the possibility of playing at 4K resolution, although it is true that there are many ballots for that Gaming at that resolution is, even with the new hardware, still insufficient. Not to mention the fact that if the PlayStation 4.5 has better hardware, it is quite possible that it will be of a new generation and therefore more efficient, so heat emission will be reduced and the console will be quieter, all a point in favor.

This is what the PlayStation 4.5 (4K) will offer us

What could Sony do to make these premises come true?

When Sony and Microsoft launched the first version of their corresponding “next-gen” consoles, the processors on the market were still 28 nanometers and therefore the APUs that make up both consoles are of this lithography. Today we already have more powerful and efficient chips at 14 and 16 nanometers, something that the next console models would surely benefit from.

What could Sony do? We see it in the following way.

This is what the PlayStation 4.5 (4K) will offer us

We thought we might see a more powerful PlayStation 4.5, a console designed from the ground up with a new processor and graphics, more memory, and better cooling. A console prepared for the latest technologies (HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, etc.) and with a great point in favor, which is that as it is an x86 architecture console (basically a PC) it will be able to coexist with all the games from the first PlayStation Four.

Another option is that Sony is limited to simply mounting an updated version of the existing console, improving its features “just enough” to be able to move games at 4K resolution. The console would be noisy and with the same aesthetic, an aesthetic highly criticized because it looks like a VHS video.

This is what the PlayStation 4.5 (4K) will offer us

Finally, it is possible that Sony decides to release a “Pro” or “Premium” model of its current PS4, a smaller and lighter console that has the same hardware as the current one but with some fairly minor optimizations that simply make it the current games move without so many “lags”. Let’s hope Sony doesn’t opt ​​for this option.