This is Yoshi’s adorable attraction in Super Nintendo World.

Yoshi will star in a quiet but endearing attraction at Super Nintendo World, and in a video showing the full plot, full of animatronics of Yoshi and other Super Mario characters.

Super Nintendo World, the theme park of the world of Super Mario in Japan, will open its doors on February 4th. It is not a park as such, but an area of ​​the park Universal Studios Japan, themed as if it were the Mushroom Kingdom. We have recently learned many details of the park, and even Miyamoto presented a special Nintendo Direct that was broadcast around the world on a tour of the area.

Although the park is not open to the public, some lucky users have already been able to discover it first, and today we bring you a complete video of one of the park’s attractions, which until now was a mystery: Yoshi’s adventure. It is a quiet ride in cars by way of Yoshi, through a lane overlooking the entire park and surrounded by animatronics of Yoshi, Baby Mario, Kamek and other classic enemies from the Yoshi’s Island series. We even see Captain Toad on the ride!

This is Yoshi’s adorable attraction in Super Nintendo World

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Yoshi is one of Nintendo’s most endearing characters, so it makes sense for him to be a family attraction. More sugar will be the Mario Kart attraction, which seems to be a simulator that will mix augmented reality, movement, 3D … But of which we have not yet seen more than concept art and this photo of the station.

This is Yoshi’s adorable attraction in Super Nintendo World

Mario Kart and Yoshi’s Adventure will be, for now, lthe only attractions in the area, because special emphasis has been placed on the interactive elements located everywhere, with which we interact with some NFC bracelets that act as amiibo (but are sold separately from the entrance). Of course, it is not yet known if they will have any function on Nintendo Switch.

Super nintendo world already advertised on Japanese television, where a 30-second spot is broadcast in which we see (in somewhat exaggerated ways) these interactive elements, as blocks that we can get in exchange for coins. Its opening will be quite an event after it was delayed due to the pandemic (it should have opened at the same time that the 2020 Olympic Games were being held …).

This is Yoshi’s adorable attraction in Super Nintendo World

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This is Yoshi’s adorable attraction in Super Nintendo World

It was also recently revealed the park map, and in the official app of Universal Studios Japan Donkey Kong stickers have been found, which gives rise to rumors about a possible expansion of Super Nintendo World with an area based on Donkey Kong Country … and a roller coaster based on the levels of the wagon.

Source: Nintendo Everything