Getting a bezel-less screen on the phone has prompted many manufacturers to try all kinds of alternatives for placing the front camera. he entailler, hole in the screen, retractable cameras or even “rear view mirrors” were among the most relevant bets. Now Lenovo is planning something even more curious, a retractable camera but on the side of the smartphone for use in landscape.

Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone Pro It has yet to be featured, although it has appeared in stores like in recent days and with a possible July 22 launch. It would be the next phone from the Chinese manufacturer focused on games through its Legion line. And, in addition to this curious camera, it has some sizeable specs.

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A special camera accompanied by a 144 Hz screen and a fast charge at 90 W

As the name suggests, this phone We think for him the game. This means that in addition to the typical design of these products, it brings specifications powerful enough to avoid the problems of mobile games, streaming content and similar activities.

Starting with its design, we find this retractable front camera that emerges from the side of the phone with the idea of ​​taking the photos directly in the landscape. In fact, even the design with the “LEGION” branding on the back is positioned horizontally. It also has different red lines that (possibly) light up.

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Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone Pro

The screen of this Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone Pro is a 6.67-inch AMOLED panel with 144Hz refresh. It remains to be seen whether this refreshment is continuous or only in certain activities such as gaming, because the energy consumption it entails is considerable. On the other hand, inside there is a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ accompanied by an Adreno 650 GPU. Regarding memory and storage, we have 6 Go et 128 Go respectively.

Going back to the exterior design, we found two cameras on the back that would fit a 64 MP primary sensor and another secondary wide angle of 16 MP. The curious front camera, by the way, is said to be 20 MP. Turning to the battery, in a supposed video leak appear 5000 mAh capacity And it will support charging up to 90W for fast charging. Finally, in the sound and security sections, it offers two front speakers and a fingerprint sensor integrated directly into the screen.

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Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone

We will see if in the next few days this new Lenovo phone with the side camera will really be presented. A phone for a specific nicheAlthough it is always interesting to see how mobile phone technology evolves where it is more and more difficult to offer a different bet.

Source : Engadget