Apple TV + is still quietly present on our devices, but with news amid rumors of Apple glasses and clues among the filters that have contributed to the data in the debate. One more Friday let’s take a look at Apple TV + news coming this week.

Most interesting was the news that we decided to cover in a separate article, which is Apple’s intention thicken the Apple TV + catalog with third-party content. So far, the service has only relied on its exclusive productions, but it would seek to be a bit like Amazon’s much larger Netflix or Prime Video catalogs.

Beyond this long-term strategic plan, we have new hiring news: the directors of the hit documentary “McMillion $” available on HBO have negotiated shoot a four-episode documentary exclusively for Apple TV+. According to Deadline, there were plenty of other companies’ bets to keep the deal going, but in Cupertino they decided to end the war by offering “a seven-figure sum”.

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Tom Hanks’ Greyhound Underwater Movie Becomes Apple TV + Exclusive

Another good move from Apple has been to leverage the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to retain the exclusive rights of “Greyhound”, the new movie starring Tom Hanks due out in theaters around the world next month. Its executives decided to transmit the first directly to streaming platforms, and Apple would have retained the rights exclusively after offering it nearly $ 70 million.

It’s a good thing to be one of the richest companies in the world – that you can win rights negotiations on the basis of invoices. For the moment, Apple has not made the move official, so there is still no confirmed release date. In China, however, the rights would remain with Sony, so the country could see “Greyhound” released in theaters.

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We return to documentaries divided into episodes: Apple itself officially announced the “Code of size”, who will talk about the stories of great athletes like LeBron James, Usain Bolt or Alex Morgan. It will be available to all subscribers around the world on July 20.

More official announcements from Apple: “Little Voice”, a series created by JJ Abrams among others, will be broadcast on July 10 on Apple TV +. We will see a romantic story seasoned with the music of singer Sara Bareilles.

‘Expensive…’ It will be a new ten-part documentary series focused on the letters celebrities receive from their admirers. Some of these letters “came to transform” celebrities, which is why Apple had the idea to create this series. It will be available to all Apple TV + subscribers on June 5.

And we end with a little first that you can see today on Apple TV +: a special episode of “Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet” recorded from the confinement of the homes of its protagonists. Much in the style of what the creators of “Parks and Recreation” did recently, and frankly something to enjoy in these times of quarantine and slow de-escalation.

Source: Appleinsider