This week’s Humble Bundle is ‘Very Positive’

This week’s Humble Bundle consists of games rated ‘Very Positive’ on Steam; the lowest score for these games is 88% positive reviews.

This week’s Humble Bundle is ‘Very Positive’

In the $ 1 tier we have Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings, The Deadly Tower of Monsters: Special Edition and They Bleed Pixels. Above average, currently at $ 5.65, includes Hacknet, Crashlands, and UnderRail. Over $ 10 includes Curious Expedition and the star of the bundle: Stephen’s Sausage Roll, an ugly and well-designed puzzle game from the developer Increpare, which had a Must-Have at the British Eurogamer and was the 2016 PC game of the year on the EDGE magazine.

The bundle will be active for two weeks and no more games will be added.

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