Virtually every piece of hardware has been revealed about Microsoft’s game console coming this year, so it can already be compared item by item with the Xbox One X and One S.

At the level of information about next-generation consoles, it seems to be gaining an increasing edge over Microsoft’s big rival, Sony. The Japanese manufacturer has still not revealed more than the very general and cautiously trickling basics announced in January, while more and more data is constantly coming from the Xbox One X. And now we’re there to know everything about it on a hardware level.

Based on these, you can already judge how much the new console is an improvement over the currently available Xbox One X and Xbox One S models. Digital Foundry experts dismantled all the data and compared the “guts” of the incoming console line by line with the current ones. At first glance, there is a lot to suggest that we can really expect a buffalo-powered console, which of course is necessary, since we can’t develop such a machine in the same way as expanding or changing components in a gamer PC. That’s why the now-even-muscular Series X will have to stand in the mud in 2-3 years in a race where high-end PCs at the time already know much more than they do today.

Let’s also look at the data that was sorted to detail the basics of the system, video and audio, and the controller. Make a nice raisin, compare, and then comment on how winning this configuration will be for you. Click on the two images below to enlarge to see everything well.

What is not visible from the data at this level, but is important, is that the processor is already made with 7 nanometer manufacturing technology, which allows for a smaller size, higher transistor density, thus potentially reducing consumption (at least for the processor) and perhaps heating. can also be caught back, so the Series X currently running the game won’t scream with fans spinning at the speed of light like the election pig. Hardware ray-tracing can also throw a lot at the look of games, and the Quick Resume feature due to its fast storage really sounds adorable.

The graphics controller is not only powerful, but can also help you see everything on a variety of displays with little delay and no tearing effect – plus automatic HDR can appear even on older games, which in some cases can feel as if the developers have carved it again. the whole graphics.

Of course, it’s not just the hardware that “sells” the console, it’s important to use the user interface, cloud-based services, backward compatibility, or the exclusive gaming on the platform, so it’s worth waiting for this info to make a fully informed decision. .