There is enough controversy regarding the contents of the box of the new iPhone 12, as it is assumed that will not include EarPods headset or charger. In other words, the iPhone 12 will only arrive with a USB-C to Lightning cable. It’s a decision to save costs, and the price of the iPhone doesn’t go up too much, but it’s certainly a risky decision as well, although Apple won’t be the only one to do so.

Now a new rumor is guaranteeing that this iPhone 12 Lightning cable won’t be the same as the one we’ve been using for years. Apple decided to use braided material which is probably much stronger than the current material. We already know that Apple cables are not very durable, and the problem is the material they are made of, for environmental reasons Apple does not use plastic which shortens its lifespan.

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This new cable is probably made of the same materials, but when braided, it is normal that it lasts longer. This information was filtered by the well-known and reliable account @ L0vetodream, which also showed footage of the alleged new cable.

A new Lightning cable for iPhone 12

Besides knowing what this new Lightning cable will look like, indirectly we also experienced something very likely, Apple won’t include USB-C connection on iPhone 12, and probably never will be. Apple’s steps are aimed at eliminating physical ports entirely, and in 2021 we could see the first iPhone that charges exclusively wirelessly.

Without knowing if this is a real Apple cable leak, that’s good news for users, as Lightning cables typically don’t last for many years. At first glance looks like a cable very similar to Apple’s, and ChargerLAB was able to analyze it and confirmed that it could be original.

new iPhone 12 cable

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This new braided USB-C to Lightning cable is 1.05 meters, Apple tends to be exactly 1 meter and 3.04mm thick, also slightly larger. However, when testing cable components, results indicate they are Apple certified and that they are fully compatible with iPhone fast charging, indicating that it could be an Apple cable.

« Use the POWER-Z MF001 MFi tester to read the internal information of the Lightning terminal. From the screen, you can see the ASIC cable and PMU are original, the terminal model is C94, and the score reaches 100 points. This is an original terminal certified by Apple MFi«

This change will certainly appeal to users and perhaps distracts attention from removing the magazine as much as possible of the box. While it’s true that many have chargers in the home, few have power adapters with USB-C, almost all of them have the traditional USB connection we’ve been using for years that wouldn’t be compatible with. this cable.

Source : Techradar