The hype that Intel is raising with its new graphics architecture does not seem to stop here, and it is that it is rare the week that there is not some type of leak or feature to be revealed. On this occasion, Intel itself has left a teaser of what will be its new control panel for its dedicated cards and presumably also for its iGPUs.

The Odyssey program begins to bear fruit

Under the hashtag “JointheOdyssey” Intel has shown some points of its new graphical interface for its new control panel.

Only thirteen seconds of video where we have been able to appreciate many details of what is to come.

Starting with a central/left section where presumably all the games that the driver is capable of detecting will be, very similar to what is offered by AMD and NVIDIA with Experience, but with a simpler and more minimalist touch.

The central part will give way to a larger area on the right side of the screen where relevant information about the game will be offered.

Presumably, we’ll be able to adjust basic game parameters from there, much like NVIDIA with their Experience, only this time it doesn’t seem like we have as many settings available.

The upper left part shows what should be the main menu of the control panel, where we will have several options to choose from, among which are: Home, Display, Video, System, Support and Preferences.

Each of these settings seems to house different internal parameters, as is to be expected on the other hand,

In addition, some of the configuration of one of these settings has been revealed, since in one of the images we have been able to appreciate three other configuration submenus: Standard Color Correction and within it, Brightness and Contrast.

All in a large size and in different tabulations to differentiate which menu or option is inside a higher one.

Oversized buttons, sizable sliders, and easy-to-click switches

Perhaps the most striking aspect of this new control panel are its large sliders with easy-to-drag sliders and new oversized switches.

The design seems worked to make everything as visually simple as possible and to offer its features in an intuitive way, where the large buttons make an appearance.

In the last scene, a man can be seen snowboarding, while one of these buttons can be seen just below, which would return the settings to their original state.

Finally, Intel leaves the hype in style, since according to what they say in the video itself, this new control panel would be ready to see the light this month of March, where perhaps a new version of drivers for its iGPUs will allow it to be activated and be able to start enjoying it.

At first it seemed indicated to its new Xe dedicated graphics card, but the announcement of the blue giant seems to include its current iGPUs equally.

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Intel wants your opinion to design its new dedicated graphics card Juan Diego de Usera 22 February, 2019 • 17:02

We will see if this new control panel finally fulfills its purpose, where we will also have to be attentive to its modifications, since it will surely be included in its GPUs for Gen 11.