Every parent is concerned about the safety of their children, especially at times when communication and information is so open and global where anyone can say, write and pass any news as true and where sensitive issues lend themselves to invade the privacy of many people, that is why we leave you here three tips to take advantage of parental control of your router.

This implies that you know how to handle certain tools and techniques on how to manage the family’s devices for the benefit of your protectionsecurity and at the same time, your peace of mind.

The idea of ​​having parental controls is that through the filters it allows responsible adults the opportunity to determine controls over their children’s Internet use. With this control You will no longer have to worry about any of the little ones in the house or a minor who can access a type of content or unforeseen contact or third parties with strange intentions.

Let’s know three practical tips to take advantage of the parental control that a router offers you

  • You have to configure your own device router so that the control is applied to all devices
  • The phones will be configured from their own level that will be activated regardless of how and where they are connected to the internet with Google or YouTube. Check that they are set on each device your child has access to.
  • Filtering and blocking content that you do not consider visible to your children, for example on issues of violence or p*********y.
  • limits the information to share
  • restricts the time of use on the internet and the people with whom your children share whether or not they are of the same age
  • Establish a schedule of access to Internet
  • take care of profile public of your family members

parental control apps

  • With KidSecured see incoming and outgoing messages and calls with Viber, Tinder or GSM to know who your child is connecting with and their conversation
  • Limit downloads of malware and viruses that can leak and contain sensitive information
  • web control
  • access to applications
  • block calls
  • apply the geolocation
  • press panic in emergency
  • Operating systems have options Parental control on PC and mobile devices.
  • With Windows 10 crashes applications, games and others
  • blocking websitesinappropriate apps and games
  • Sign in with your account Microsoft
  • Set up an account with settings windows with the name of your son
  • Pick in restrictions of content
  • With games and applications, click on block applications inappropriate
  • Approve or reject requests by personal email or in microsoft.com/family
  • on Windows Live Family Safety provides free parental control for all Windows devices.
  • with encryption WPA3 authorizes not to open ports to the router firewall
  • disable in WPS function of the router
  • block mobiles unknown
  • configure access of guests
  • Save data in the cloud