Indie publisher TinyBuild Games is the star of the latest Humble Bundle.

For $ 1 we get No Time to Explain Remastered, Speedrunners, Divide by Sheep and Road to Ballhalla. Above the average (currently at € 6.97) there is a very interesting pack: Party Hard, The Final Station, Cluster Truck, Punch Club Deluxe and Guts and Glory, the latter in Early Access.

For $ 15 we got the DLC ‘The Only Traitor’ for The Final Station and Streets of Rogue in Early Access. Finally, at € 36.73 we have the Hello Neighbor reservation, which includes an artbook and songs from the soundtrack, as well as a beta for Windows.

In addition, just by entering our email we can test the alpha of Party Hard 2. The promotion will last two weeks.

TinyBuild Games is the protagonist of the latest Humble Bundle